My Hometown Sample Essay

Our hometown is where our roots lie ; that is where our ascendants were born. My roots lie in a colossal town called Onitsha in Anambra State. Nigeria.

Onitsha is what can be referred to as the “Nigerian New York. ” This is because of the similar characteristics it has to New York in footings of occupation chances. It is a topographic point where a individual can break his manner of life financially.Onitsha is a really big and to a great extent populated town chiefly known for the mammoth market it has called the Onitsha Main-Market. This market happens to be the prevailing market in the whole West Africa. It is chiefly because of this market that the town has some of the features indistinguishable to New York’s. One of these features is occupation chance. The market includes people who provide services such as computing machine fixs.

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mini perm meats squashing companies. auto mechanics. pigment bring forthing mini companies. and many other little companies.

These companies provide occupations for many dwellers of the town ; because of this people migrate into the province and converge about Onitsha. The market besides hosts other gross revenues such as: electronics. meat. fish apparels ( both foreign and place made ) . agricultural merchandises. autos.

books. edifice installations. and many other points. and they are gotten at a really inexpensive rate because of the big measures which are needed. These merchandises are bought in Onitsha Main-Market and moved to other environing retail merchants. As each month base on ballss. the market increases its size since many business communities join-in on the gross revenues.

My town has a major oil bring forthing company. This company produces local thenar oil. which in high demand. This palm oil is so used for different intents. There isn’t a portion of the fruit that is non valuable.

from the heavy outer bed through the shell to the seed. The air produced from the machines from the companies in the town makes some portion of the town odor like roasted peanut or roasted palm meats.Because of these industries and occupation chances many people come to my small town to do money.My town is the exact antonym of a quiet town ; something is ever go oning.

Most parts of the town are noisy from around 8. 00am to 5. 00pm. which is the official on the job hr. and the streets are really busy particularly around the Niger Bridge.

because of the people coming into the town. The Niger Bridge is the lone span associating the province to the northern provinces and southern provinces. and the span is located in Onitsha.My town besides has traditional swayers who are conveyed the rubric “Obi of Onitsha” Which means the bosom of the town. The carrier of this rubric non merely regulations my town but is besides confided in by other traditional swayers all over the Igbo ( Ibo ) land in Nigeria.

The Igbo land is made up of over three hundred town caputs called small town heads/rulers. This rubric is really old and sacred. and anyone who holds the rubric is certain to be an honest. honest.

hardworking and wise individual. It doesn’t matter how much money the individual has ; all that affairs is considered in choosing such a individual is the leading qualities he has in him. There are besides other honest rubrics given out to persons besides the Obi of Onitsha rubric ; one of these is the “Nze na Ozo” rubric of which I am a holder.When a individual is given a rubric. he is given a name that depicts why he was given the rubric. For illustration.

I was given a rubric with three rubric names ; the first 1 is “Ezike Ugo nna ya” which means “the pride of his father” . The 2nd rubric is “Ezike Eziokwu bu ndu” which means “truth is life” . The last of the three is “Ezike Nne dum eje” which means. “My female parent leads me” . In the earlier yearss anyone who fails to stand up to his rubric would be stripped off the rubric. but now one time a individual is given the rubric he sticks to it even if he changes his behaviour for worse.

Champions are however regarded as people who stand by the truth no affair what.My town besides has cultural festivals such as the “New Yam Festival” and the “Masquerade Festival” . The two festivals are really good celebrated. but the most famed festival is the “New Yam Festival” where we celebrate good crop ; it is usually celebrated during harvest clip. The Masquerade Festival is usually done around Christmas clip that in the month of December after the New Yam Festival. During these festivals ancient cultural dances and parades are performed.

and they are entertaining to watch or take part in.My town is one of the few towns in Nigeria where the great River Niger can be seen running through. but it is the lone town where the span over the Niger River is located.

It is from this river that Nigeria got its name. Peoples fish from the river and besides do at that place to loosen up. The temperature in my town is over 75 degree centigrade and is by and large really hot. but the riverbank is cool so people go at that place to loosen up.My town has besides produced great African leaders and heroes such as Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe otherwise known as the great Zik of Africa who was besides the first Nigerian president and assumed office in 1963. That was three old ages after Nigerians independency.

My town is a really sophisticated topographic point to see. and I will urge anyone who is sing Nigeria to research my town ; I assure him that he will take pleasance in the trip.


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