My Impressions of Sapa Essay

My recent trip to Sapa in 2012 brought unforgettable impressions in my mind. Sapa made me surprised by the climate, the scenery, the people and the activities. Sapa was a small, quiet and poetic town in Northwest of Viet Nam. The climate was cool and fresh all year, there were four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) on a day in Sapa. Because of that perfect weather, Sapa was a wonderful place to relax. There were much scenic beauty in Sapa such as Ham Rong Mountain, Thac Bac Cascade and Cau May Bridge.

Standing on the top of Ham Rong Mountain, where varieties of flowers were planted, I could see whole the town and rice terraces as soft and curvy silks surrounded the town. Cloud and fog covered up the sky, trees and sights hid and appeared continuously. It seemed that I was in heaven. Leaving Ham Rong Mountain, I visited Thac Bac Waterfall and Cau May Bridge next to. From high mountain creeks, water fell down strongly, spume flew away dazzling white, so it was called Thac Bac. Cau May Bridge was a suspension bridge across a deep river valley; it was dangerous to pass the brigde.

What a sublime scenery! Sapa not only possessed beautiful sights but also attracted me thanked to hill tribe cultures. Beside of Kinh people, there were many ethnic minorities like Dzao, H’mong, Tay, Nung in Sapa. They created the colorful Sapa town. They owned special hill tribe cultures with original clothes and interesting festivals. Ethnic women wore black dresses which were made from brocade, they wrapped up red scarves on their heads and wore traditional silver jewelry. Being in Sapa, I could not miss excited activities of local people, especially market-days.

Ethnic minorities hold fairs every Sunday weekly to trade their produce (clothes, traditional jewelry, handicrafts, etc), but the atmosphere of the fair was the funniest and liveliest on Saturday night, that festival was called “the love fair”. At that time, everybody gathered on a empty land, they made a fire, played flute and danced together. It was a chance for couples to express their love each other. Some of couples were able to get married then. When I came back home, I was not able to forget memories about Sapa. Actually, Sapa attracted me by first impressions and I wish I could arrive Sapa once more.


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