My mother and father are both Hispanic immigrants who entered the United States illegally

My mother and father are both Hispanic immigrants who entered the United States illegally, which is why deportation is an important matter to me. My parents are among the many immigrants who fled their country because of poverty, famine, war, persecutions, natural disasters, etc. Back then, in their country, there was little food and money to survive on and the war was rapidly approaching the village. They came here to the United States, searching for opportunities to lead a better life. 4

Many immigrants have been deported back to their home country because of immigration laws. In 2017, approximately 226,000 immigrants were deported. Seeing and listening to the stories on the news of people being deported is terrifying. It is terrifying because I couldn’t imagine my parents being the ones being deported to their country. If my parents were to be deported, it would mean that my sister and I would have to leave this country and start a new life in a different country. I would no longer have a future like the one I have here in America. Going to school would mean having to pay for my studies, which my parents would not be able to afford because of the poverty. Most kids don’t get to go to school instead they help out the family by getting a job. 8

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Deportation has not only had an impact on my family and me but millions of families in fear of having their kin taken away someday. Knowing that not everyone has the same rights that Americans do is sad. Everyone is born equal, no one is different just because of age, race, religion, skin color, or where you were born.


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