My Personal Goals Sample Essay

My parents ever had this stating. “Set personal ends in life that will assist beef up the rainbow” . That adage had a profound consequence on me as I grew older and get downing to be after my life. We all have rainbows or dreams in life that need the proper ends to accomplish them. Sometimes carry throughing certain ends can be derailed by unanticipated happenings or certain restraints in life. such as. the sum money. clip and support system you have to prosecute them. But dreams don’t of all time travel off and as long you can see that rainbow. you can ever reset new ends to accomplish your dreams.

I decided to prosecute a grade in Business Management at the University of Phoenix because one twenty-four hours my rainbow appeared and I decided to reset ends to prosecute it. My ends were to obtain the support from the Firm I work for by taking advantage of their tuition reimbursement plan. prosecute my direction on enabling worklife balance policies to let for a flexible work agenda and to develop the subject to pull off my personal clip for survey and contemplation.

Once I felt that I now had the clip. money and support system in topographic point to let for my degree chase. I merely needed to understand how I would travel about taking a school and degree plan. I decided to research the schools that would provide to my larning penchant and take a grade plan that would farther heighten my current calling ends as a Project Management Professional ( PMP ) and my long-run calling ends of being a Business Leader or Management Consultant.

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The short term ends that I have set to win as a Business Management pupil at the University of Phoenix with a lower limit B norm are:

* Complete all required reading assignments by taking a lower limit of two ( 2 ) hours each twenty-four hours to read.

* Complete all required single assignments by giving four ( 4 ) hours on the weekend

* Complete all squad assignments by run intoing hebdomadal every Monday and Friday

* Manage my clip and agenda to guarantee that my work undertaking committednesss do non interfere with my schoolroom attending.

* Leverage old work and preparation cognition that can be translated into an grownup acquisition accomplishment.

Long Term Goals

My long term end of graduating with a Business Management grade is to farther progress my current and future calling ends. I took an involvement in Business Management when my IT calling led me to a challenging and honoring calling in Project Management. This has provided me with the erudite values of leading. teamwork and excellence. These are the nucleus values that I guide my life picks and determinations. Gross ( 1999 ) stated. “When you utilize your values as a compass for your ends. do certain the compass is pointed in the way of your existent feelings” ( p. 333 ) A Business Management Degree will supply the foundation to farther develop my nucleus values and use them to my future calling ends

Short Term Goals

The short term ends outlined supra have the necessary focal point and item to assist me win as a pupil at University of Phoenix. It is of import to supply specific inside informations on how to utilize the clip to accomplish my short term ends or I may incur the hazard of failure. Gross ( 1999 ) wrote. “Your committednesss can overpower you unless you decide how to utilize clip to be after your stairss toward end achievement” ( p. 329 ) . It requires a great trade of subject to give clip each twenty-four hours and on the weekend to read and complete assignments. It besides requires that you balance work and schooling with the 1s you love back place. because without their support you will non win. Short term ends help to keep advancement towards accomplishing long-run ends.


One of my longtime rainbows that I haven’t been able to carry through was to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. A degree meant to me the feeling of carry throughing a large challenge that you focused and committed clip and energy to with the terminal consequence of holding a solid foundation of cognition and a large sense of pride. It was to be achieved but to my dismay life challenges had discouraged me from puting the proper ends that would “strengthen the rainbow” . until now! I have established realistic and mensurable ends that will “strengthen my rainbow” and let me to carry through my dreams.


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