My Pet Elephant Essay

Hello at that place. This is the narrative about the first clip I got a pet. my name is Hugo Lambrechts and here is where it all began.

Last dark at around 12:00 autopsy I was approximately to travel to bed when I saw a present on my bed from my Mom. When I opened my gift I saw a plaything elephant inside. I saw it and I stared for rather some clip. took a large breath and smiled. When I was approximately to travel to bed I was woolgathering of holding a pet elephant and how it would be to hold an elephant for a pet.

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The following forenoon. it was my birthday! I jumped for joy. Mom greeted me a happy birthday. Then I saw my pa. he was the 1 I had to crush. I mean if I want a pet elephant. so I have to travel through him.I said “Good forenoon Dad.

”Then pa said “Happy Birthday! What would you like for your birthday? ”I asked him “Dad can I have a pet elephant? ”My Dad looked aghast so he laughed a small so he became serious.He said with a loud voice. “No! You can’ Ts have a pet elephant! I mean do you even cognize how to take attention of an elephant? ” I didn’t cognize what to state. I was bumbling like I was in the North Pole for yearss. Then the school coach went by with a large “HONK! ” I can’t believe I was saved by the school coach. I was hotfooting to acquire out every bit shortly as possible.

“Bye Dad. Bye Mom see ya subsequently. ” I said in a haste.Then I raced out the door in the school coach and off to school.

After school. I got home so I overheard my Dad speaking on the phone so he was speaking about work and material so it hit me I heard him speaking about a present! Then that made me believe. So I merely went up to my room and idea about it for a long clip. The following twenty-four hours. while I was eating breakfast I saw my pa focused on the computing machine looking for something on a site about wildlife and material. So it made me inquire more and more. So when I got back from school I saw my Dad and Mom in forepart of the Television watching those docudramas about animate beings and so when I got bored I went upstairs in my room and idea about it once more. When I got place I saw boxes everyplace and so I asked.

“What are these boxes for? ”Then Mom answered “We are traveling to a new house. ”Then I asked” But why? ”“You’ll see. ” Said my Ma with exhilaration.Page 3Then I went upstairs to pack my things. While we were driving to North Island I was believing about what will the surprise be? So when I got at that place I went running down the auto and up the steps and into the room. Then I saw a basket on the floor and it saidTo Hugo Dear darling HugoHappy Birthday! I hope you love your gift.

From your parentsThen when I opened the basket it was a babe elephant interior! . And that is the narrative of how I got my pet elephant.


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