My research question was about “What is young people’s preferences for different genres of music

My research question was about “What is young people’s preferences for different genres of music, what they are used to listen to their music, ; in which situation they likely listen to it and what are their perspectives about music as in their life?”
My research methodology was in the form of questionnaires where it is a known as a general term that consists of all methods of data accumulation in which each person is asked the same type of questions in the same order. My questionnaires consisted a specific and a mix structured questions where the respondents required to choose from one of the lists which need their consideration to response, some questions also asked in ranking structure where they need to rank the order, and the last structure is in type of rating questions. In my primary research, I shared the Questionnaires question by using shared link and sent it to 13 people in total. In the process to get the respondent response, I decided to go through with quota sampling. The mainly reason I choose this type of sampling because my questionnaires merely for specific on groups of young people characteristics in an age range between approximately 18 (or less) until early age of 30 based the research that I look up from
After I conducted my research, I begin to analyse the data and it resulting in the following statements: mostly young people tend to listen to music about 3-4 days per day and they more likely to fill their free time at home to listen to music. While for their preference’s in music genres, there are two top choices as both gave the same result which is R&B and Pop. As for the questions that asked for one specific favorite genre music that they enjoy the most, there are also two highest rank that really dominated, Pop and K-Pop. Furthermore, young people are listening to music in YouTube a lot rather than music app which it is a quite interesting result as time goes on, I thought young people will use more music app rather than YouTube. On the other context, young people genuinely fairly to very open when it comes to new music acceptance and mostly, they interested in music because of the melody and the lyrics. Afterwards, when it asked about the emotional affect of music in their life most of them said strong which is the same with the scale on how important music in their life as more young people voted hugely important. The previous statement is connected to the research in which situation that people are like listen to it and what are their perspectives about music as in their life. These results in ways that youth considers music usefully especially when they are having a rough time at the moment and they also agree on the perspective of how people around them may influence type of music that they like and the type of people they hang around together as in their life, respectively.
In the Conclusions, with this questionnaire survey, some question may result in a quite interesting perception from young people’s choices resulting an unexpected answer from expected question. Notwithstanding, as a researcher now I can see what kinds of taste of preference music that they are like, what tools they used to listen to music includes in what situations that they really depend on music, and also their perspectives of the music impact as in their life.


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