My view of profanity Essay

Swearing colloquially known as cussing can be considered as something foul and disrespectful to others. But, is it really? Think back to the last time you swore, you’ve probably used the F word several times without intention.

Does that make you a foul and disrespectful human? Certainly not!Many people perceive swearing as the result of poor upbringing by parents who, for whatever reason, are too busy, too unconcerned or too generous to discourage their kids from such antisocial behaviour. But already we can see a series of clear judgements underlying these responses. I’d like to suggest that it’s precisely this, ‘judgement’, rather than simply moral outrage, which is at the heart of our attitudes about swearing.In this modern era the English language has changed completely from where swearing used to be equivalent to carrying a bomb and if you swore in public everyone would just run away from you to now where swearing is integrated into most of our lives. Of course there are still the few set back people still in fear of swearing because it’s too “rude”.

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I’m not saying everyone should just swear all the time; I’m just saying we use profanity in our language so often that there is no harm in using words such as: F***, S***, C**** and so on.Swearing almost comes out of our mouths with no real thought; it’s like a nerve reflux. When we drop something or get hurt we casually would say the F word or the S word. We don’t mean to say it but we do, it’s a way we loose anger and pain; there is nothing wrong in using profanity in such manner as it it not harming or being disrespectful to anyone.

However there are some people who just cannot swear attractively. When swearing it should be used sensibly and distributed evenly in our sentences, not F this, F that and using the F word a million times in one sentence – Gordon Ramsay here is a superb example of what I’m talking about. His use of the F word has made him a vulgar and classless human. Those that tend to misuse a cuss make fools out of themselves because they seem to sound foolish as if they are unable to control themselves.

Such loutish people tend to make a swear word sound tasteless and incongruous.


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