My Worst Nightmare Essay

My Ma’s bloodcurdling squeal sent me bolt upright in my bed. A terrible commotion was happening across the corridor. My Ma’s squeals were being silenced by the intruders , loud thuds were happening regularly yet no resistance could be heard.

I slipped silently out of bed and fetched my slippers, by now I was hyperventilating, I felt like I was powerless, whatever I tried I would be simply brushed aside . The door creaked open slowly. I stepped cautiously out into the hallway and stood just above the staircase. Our hallway which is normally elegantly decorated, seemed to be leading me ever closer to my worst fears.

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From this moment, my heart began to miss a series of beats. The intruders left my parents bedroom with immense agility and power , I stood there in disbelief until a sudden smack in the face sent me crashing to the floor. From this spot I saw two well built men drag my poor pathetic-looking father headfirst down the staircase and out into an awaiting car.

I could feel a warm trickle of blood which began rolling down my cheeks, I sat up stunned. A few moments later my life caught up with me and I proceeded to stagger helplessly down the stairs towards the garage. I knew exactly where those two men were taking my father, our small remote village only had one medium sized factory on the outskirts of our area, and this had become derelict recently.

After cleaning the large gash on my head, I fetched out my bike and rode out into the pouring rain.

The torrential rain had meant that my visibility was getting increasingly bad. The roads ahead were very dark and as slippy as untread ice. The situation meant I was riding on autopilot and slowly slipping away into thought. I never regarded our family as particularly special. I never believed that anything interesting ever happened to our family. However the people who had kidnapped my father meant serious business and I was now beginning to fear for my fathers Life.

After what seemed hours of uphill cycling I reached the giant wrought iron gates of J. M Brewerton & Son Ltd. The gate was now sitting slightly ajar so I slipped through it carefully and walked in. A single Light was on in the entire factory. I was now shaking in terror, what were they doing to my poor Father ?. Curiosity then got the better of me and I snuck up to the window. It was far too risky to peer through the glass so I slowly slipped onto my stomach to watch the events through a tiny gap in the door.

My father was sitting uncomfortably on a small stool in the middle of this wide room. Two men stood either side him, they were questioning him furiously but I was just too far away to hear what was being spoken. Tiny droplets of sweat were running off his forehead and his eyes seemed distant, his state disturbed me deeply. I have never seen a grown man so worried in my entire life.

Minutes passed and the situation in my eyes had barely changed. I continued to look on nervously. I was desperate to find out what they were discussing. The two men walked away , my father nervously followed them to the door . Without warning one of the man give my father a unwanted look and pulled a pistol to my unaware father’s head and pulled the trigger before he could even realize what happened. Every single limb in my entire body froze at the sight of my fathers limp body, which was now sprawled all over the concrete floor. These few moments had now become any child’s worst nightmare, witnessing his own fathers murder.

I sat froze, my heart was still pounding and my body remained numb, The door swung open with some force, I glanced up and met the glance of the men. I looked deep into his thoughts, you could tell that he had no time for me.

I put my head into my hands and closed my eyes, I just wanted this nightmare over as soon as possible.


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