Mystic Monk Coffee Essay

Father Daniel Mary definitely established a future direction for the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming. His vision was to transform the small brotherhood of around 13 monks living in a small rectory into a bigger, 500-acre monastery that could accommodate 30 monks. He found a nearby ranch but the current listing price of 8. 9 million is too much of an obstacle for him. His vision for Mystic Monk Coffee is to raise enough money so that they can afford the property for 8. 9 million and build up the new monastery.

Overall, they want Mystic Monk Coffee to make enough profits so that they can afford the land. The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming are dedicated to a life of solitude. They pray daily by Mount Carmel and they live near Jerusalem. It appears that Father Daniel Mary has set some objectives and performance targets for achieving his goal. He is already selling varieties of Mystic Monk coffee, t-shirts, and samples on his Mystic Monk website, www. mysticmonkcoffee. com. His target market for the buyers is in the USA and he targeted Catholics.

He used an appeal to Catholics to get them to support his mission. He published the following quote on his website, in referring to the American Catholics, “to use their Catholic coffee dollar for Christ and his Catholic church” (Turnipseed 239). At first, Mystic Monk Coffee was being promoted by word of mouth, which isn’t that great for business purposes. Mystic Monk Coffee now uses secondary practices to gain new clients by using websites and internet postings. These objectives all help out in gaining the overall profits and making vision of buying the new property come true.

Father Daniel Mary’s strategy is to take his initial donation and save that, while also gaining sale in the Mystic Monk Coffee. The only competitive advantage that Mystic Monk Coffee can produce is by making Catholics feel guilty if they don’t purchase their coffee. He posted that quote right on his website for all to see. He wants people (specifically United States Catholics) to spend their coffee dollars on his coffee brand to raise money for his new church. That statement alone will make his company stand apart from the traditional Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks.

From a financial standpoint, I would say that his vision is working. His average sales are around $56,500 a month for the coffee company alone. The monks expanded the business model to include wholesale sales to churches and local coffee shops. They value their customers by allowing them to refer new affiliates to Mystic Monk, and in turn, they receive 56 percent of the affiliate’s commission. To me that commission rate is very high; however it does provide a great incentive for people to gather up new clients to start buying coffee. This strategy qualifies as a not so much of a winning strategy.

His company makes only a net profit margin of 11%. What that means is that they are going to be working for a very long time to gain the ultimate goal and vision of this coffee business in the first place, but at least they aren’t losing money. For me, a winning strategy would be anywhere from making profits 51% or above. Otherwise, it’s going to take a awfully long time to achieve that goal of $8. 9 million. One change I would recommend to Father Daniel Mary in terms of crafting and executing a stronger strategy for the monastery’s coffee operations would be to increase the sales of his coffee by $1. 0 so that he can be making more profits. Changes are needed in its long term direction if they want to make their goal anytime soon. The overall objective is good, but maybe they should look into a place to live that is only $1-$2 million and not almost $9 million. The strategy I would change would be to change the ShareASale affiliate program so that the affiliates are not making 56% commission and only making something around 25-30% commission. His approach to strategy execution should be fine if he follows those new changes. The Mystic Monks should then have a more realistic and quicker time achieving their vision.


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