n this study I am going to try and find out this hypothesis, which is to see if sloughs shopping environment has improved Essay

In this study I am going to try and find out this hypothesis, which is to see if ‘ sloughs shopping environment has improved’. And to do this I need to find out quite a lot of information for example I need to know where sloughs catchment area is etc.

To start with I am going to talk about sloughs shopping environment in general: where it is, what competition it’s got.Sloughs CBD, it’s Central Business District, is usually crammed full of shops and is where everyone, usually, goes to shop but lately it has had a bit of competition from shopping areas that have developed on the outskirts of the town and one of the reasons why it is competition for the CBD is because they are easier to get to then going all the way into the centre of town to shop. Sloughs CBD is trying to bring back the people that now shop on the outskirts of town and the ‘convenient’ stores and bring them back into the CBD because of the lack of interest in the CBD.In this investigation I am investigating the above hypothesis for my study in Slough.

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Slough is a town which is located to the west of London and can be seen as local to places like Maidenhead, Iver and Langley and can be seen in Map 1 and Map 2 below. Slough is quite popular with the locals and can be seen full nearly everyday with shoppers because it provides a good service to people who live locally and can help them with whatever they need because of the wide variety of shops.Slough has 4 main shopping areas which are: Queensmere, The Observatory, The High Street and the Market all of which are close enough for a walk from one to the other and all together give the shopping people of Slough a wide variety of things they can by and if they want they an catch a movie as well.

That is why it can draw people from places like: Iver, Windsor, Maidenhead and Langley. Data Collection To investigate the hypothesis, “to see if sloughs shopping environment has improved”, I needed to collect the following data: past and present photographs of slough, what people think about slough.I needed this because it will help in my opinion about sloughs shopping environment and whether it has improved or not.

I collected this data using a Questionnaire going around slough getting peoples opinions and by taki9ng photographs of some parts of slough on Wednesday the 20th of September at 1:00 to 2:50. Whilst I was collecting this data I faced a number of problems like whilst filling out the questionnaire some people said they didn’t have time and walked away so I couldn’t have got the maximum number of opinions that I could have.I feel that there are some limitations to my data. They are that I didn’t get the maximum amount of opinions that I would have liked to and that there wasn’t many people there on the day so I think that we should have gone at a busier time but not in rush hour because people would not have time. A copy of this questionnaire can be seen in the Appendix and the land use survey can be seen on page in the Results section.

On the day it was quite overcast but not that miserable and was quite warm.Sloughs shopping environment consists of 4 main shopping areas: The Queensmere, the Observatory, the market and the high street and most recently, the introduction of Tescos, over the years many changes have been made to sloughs shopping environment. For example the amount of new shops that have been built or that have replaced others before it like Dixon’s is now Curry Digital etc. The High street has been upgraded due to the introduction of new flower baskets and benches and there are more litterbins dotted around it has become tidier due to the increase of litter bins so it looks better.The Observatory shopping centre and the Queensmere have both been refurbished so they have new shops as well and there is more greenery inside as well as outside and they have ornamental decorations like the metal tree outside. New bus routes going to and from slough have made the access to slough even easier for people that don’t have any other means of getting there and that live far away. On Wednesday the 20th of September at 1:00 to 2:50 in sloughs CBD people were surveyed this graph shows how many males and females were surveyed overall.Gender Male Female 60 93 This graph shows the percentage of people that were between the ages of 15 to the 70’s and the information to go with this is shown below.

Age Under 25 26 – 35 36 – 45 Over 45 40 38 25 50 This graph shows how far people had to travel to get to slough on that day and it shows the distance between under a mile and over 5 miles the table to show this information in numbers is shown below. How far did you travel? ;Mile 1-3 miles 4-5 miles further 40 57 30 17This graph shows how the people we surveyed had got to slough on that day and it shows whether they got there by car etc by bus by train by bike or by any other means the information for this graph is shown below. How Did you Get to Slough Car/Motorbike Bus Train Bike Other 57 41 16 13 26 Analysis and Conclusion My aim in this investigation is to find out whether ‘Sloughs shopping environment has improved’.The data that I had to collect shows me that there were differences in all the various questions I have used e. g. he amount of males and females that were surveyed in slough that afternoon were different because the amount of males that were surveyed out numbered the amount of females this may be because the females maybe were unapproachable some of them or maybe there were just more men there at the time.

There were problems with the results this may be due to the fact that not enough people were surveyed on the day because most of the time was taken up due to people that couldn’t be bothered or didn’t have enough time to answer our questions.In my opinion looking at the results and my own analysis I have come to the conclusion that Sloughs shopping environment has improved a great deal and because of the added rubbish bins it has become tidier as well and it has interested and brought more people to it because of the adding of shops and the amount of greenery has given a busy place some colour as well and it looks better inside and out with ornamental decorations and the greenery etc. EvaluationIn this piece of coursework I feel I have done not so badly it could be improved more with pictures and more detail and it could have another graph or two as well. The limitations of this piece of coursework were entirely my fault by not being prepared in not getting the pictures off the shared area and not doing another graph. I suggest that this study could be improved by having more depth and detail in the different areas the graphs to have more depth explanatory and to have made more use of the shared area and the internet.


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