Technology has become an integral part of ourlives. It has changed our life styles and our approach to deal with manymatters. When it comes to perform a task, technology has provided us an entirenew way to do so.

If you are a smoker or you are planning toquit smoking then you must have heard a terminology known as ‘’Cold Turkey’’. This term refers to asudden cessation of an addiction by alternate means instead of quittinggradually. Modern technology has provided a number of alternate ways to go ColdTurkey as well as gradual cessation of smoking, so that you can live asmoke-free and a healthy life.We will discuss different types of technologythat helps to quit smoking. You can adapt any of these technologies dependingupon your comfort.·        Test MessagesThe United States Preventive Services TaskForce recommends the useof mobile phones to quit smoking.

Program bases on text messages send two –three messages whenever you crave to smoke. It provides you tips and a handycounseling for smoking cessation. A program is available for free at smokefree.gov.·        Mobile AppsA number of Mobile Apps can be downloaded to quit smoking. Apps like T2 Mood Tracker and Text2Quit incorporate alerts and triviagame which distract you whenever you feel a craving to smoke. Such apps alsokeep a check on your nicotine intake and show you how much money you have savedby not smoking.

·        E-cigarettesDifferent types of Electroniccigarettes with various price ranges are available in market for the purpose ofsmoking cessation. These devices produce an amount of vaporized nicotine whichis inhaled.  These battery powered devices give you a real smokingsensation without harmful toxins. ·        LasersA Laser acupuncture technique is a new way to provide you help insmoking cessation. The Laser is pointed at face, wrist and hands aiming toprevent craving.

This method requires few therapy sessions and afterwards thesmoker feels least craving to smoke.·        GadgetsMany gadgets and wearable devices are also available in markets whichare a handy source to quit smoking. For instance, QuitBit is a smart electronic lighter that counts the number oftimes you light your cigarette, It’s an easy way to keep your stats regardinghow many times you smoke per day so that next day you can smoke less. It isconnected with your smartphone so that you can see your progress and you canshare it with friends as well. Similar to any calories calculator, IntelliQuitis a handheld sensor which calculates the amount of carbon monoxide in yourbreath. It includes an interactive game and it can upload your statistics ondifferent platforms as well.A hand held computer called QuitKey that forms a custom-made,gradual smoking cessation program. Itchanges your smoking routine and helps you to quit smoking.

Through its improved algorithms, it reminds you whennot to smoke and when you can smoke.·        ForumsYou may visit online discussion forums and seek guidance from experts.These forums provide a useful discussion with like-minded people who can helpyou to achieve your goal. It has included a thread of members who are ondifferent stages of cessation. Members can discuss their feelings andexperiences in those thread messages. A forum made by British Heart Foundation and other forums available on social medialike Facebook are working effectively in this regard.  ·        BlogsBlogs written by former smokers are a great source of help andinspiration.

You may get an idea that how those former smokers have planned toquit smoking and implemented it successfully.  About.com and QuitCigs4Freeare good blogs for such purpose.·        Best option for you?There are a number different ways which youcan choose to quit smoking. You can also combine 2 or more of these methods.

Whichever method gives you more comfort with less craving would be the bestpossible way for you. Here we have suggested the most modern available techniqueswhich help you to live a smoke free life.


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