Nam Hoang Do Period 5 Injustice essay Do you know what is the legal driving age in Washington State

Nam Hoang Do
Period 5
Injustice essay
Do you know what is the legal driving age in Washington State? It’s just sixteen, right? Currently, I am twenty but my parents do not permit me to drive anyway. It’s not fair as I am allowed to drive a car by the law but not by my family. Moreover, if I do not drive, I cannot easily go to the places I want by myself. My dad argued that I still go to high school, so I have no reasons to drive. However, he was wrong because after school, I want to go some places else or hang out with my friends. My parents need to change their minds and respect my right to drive a car. That will also helps me prove that I am twenty and I am not a kid anymore.

The first reason why the ban on my driving is not fair is because I am twenty years old, too old to start to drive. That age is above the age can legal drive by oneself in our state. Many teens here get their license and start to drive since they were very younger than me and that can helps them in some way. One example is in a study, researchers found that “In Washington, teens are waiting to get licensed until they’re 18 or older. But surprisingly, this makes them worse drivers than their younger peer” (By Evan Bush, The Seattle Times, February 2016, ‘Teens delay getting licenses — and their driving is worse’). This shows that starting to drive late and above eighteen years old is not really good for beginning drivers. Therefore, I am twenty, so if my parents do not allow me to drive right now, I will be a worse driver than others in the future.

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Another reason that my parents ban me to drive is not fair is because without driving, I can only go to the places I want by riding with others or riding buses/trains, but it is not convenient. For example, if I need to go someplace but my dad or my brother are not available or they do not want to drive me, then I could not go. It is very very unfair and it makes me feel like…I have no legs and no right to go and I am a dependant. In addition, not many buses and trains serve my community, so when I use them, I have to walk so far. This shows that riding with other people or using buses/trains is not a good alternative suggestion.

My dad said I do not need to drive a car since I am a high school student. He debated I should go to school by school bus to be more safe, on time to school and it is cheaper. I agreed with him that riding school bus is not a bad idea and I can follow that policy. Nevertheless, after school, I want to hang out alone or with my friends in an easy and convenient vehicle – a car. Having a carpool or riding a public bus cannot make me feel comfortable to attempt after school. Therefore, my dad’s argument is improper because even a high school student needs to go somewhere or go out with their peers after a stressful and tiring day.

To summarize, my parents’ disallowing of my driving is unfair because now I am over the legal driving age and not minor anymore, though I am still a student, and buses/train cannot perfectly meet my travel needs. My parents also have their reason to not allow me to drive but it is invalid. I have been arguing with my parents and fighting for my desire and legal right to drive. I think my fight is legitimate and I will win in the near future.


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