Nationalism and the new Right Wing in Europe Sample Essay

What is the Patriotism?
“Nationalism is our signifier of incest. is our devotion. is our insanity. “Patriotism” is its cult. It should barely be necessary to state. that by “patriotism” I mean that attitude which puts the ain state above humanity. above the rules of truth and justness ; non the loving involvement in one’s ain state. which is the concern with the nation’s religious every bit much as with its stuff public assistance — ne’er with its power over other states. Merely as love for one person which excludes the love for others is non love. love for one’s state which is non portion of one’s love for humanity is non love. but idolatrous worship. ” [ Erich Fromm. in The Sane Society ( 1955 ) ]

A brief definition of Patriotism:
Several intellectuals and bookmans tried to give a definition to what is patriotism or what it should be. but the common definition of patriotism is that is an political orientation born in the XIX century which support the avowal of the state as homogenous community and by and large it’s considered as the depository of traditional values alone and typical of the religious heritage of the “nation” . Different patriotism moving ridges:

-In the West at get downing the patriotism was a progressive political orientation of liberalism. and it was used against the “Ancien Regime”’s system. and the thought that advocated was that the state. and so the people. can be without the land. With this moving ridge we have National State like Italy. France. Germany… – The 2nd moving ridge it was after the first universe war with the independency of Jugoslav. Czechoslovak… – The 3rd wave it was after the WW2 with clang of the Soviet Union and the Liberation wars in the Third World.

So today what is the map of the patriotism and how it’s usage by the political party? Actually in Europe Right-Wing are lifting because they are able to pull strings the classical issues of the fiscal Crisis. the in-migration and late besides the “euroscepticism” . We need merely to look some day of the months from the election consequence in 2010 of the “Fronte Nazional” in France. it was: 11. 42 % . And late with the presidential election race. Marine Le Pen the leader of the FN came 3rd with 17 % after Hollande and Sarkozy. The FN is an look of a sort of traditional extreme right with a strong nationalist sentiment. The Party for Freedom ( PVV ) the rightist party of Geert Wilders in Netherland took in the elections for the European parliament in 2009 the 17 % of the ballots with 27 seats. It won with classical right-wing issues ( anti-immigration. anti-Islamism. anti-europe… ) .

The PVV represents a democrat a nationalist right-wing. but it’s different from the classical right-wing. the rational Jerome Jamine defines it “economically broad and socially progressive” because they don’t condemn the homosexualism. In Italy it happened the same thing with the “Lega Nord” which in the last regional election ( 2010 ) took the 12. 7 % with 58 seats. With four curates in the last Berlusconi’s authorities. the Lega Nord benefited a significant influence in political footings. The Lega Nord it’s a different sort of rightist party. it’s a regionalist rural right it’s strongly founded about the local civilization ( Veneto. Lombardia. Piemonte ) . it’s voted merely by the people of the north Italy and sometimes the advocate speak besides about sezession or independency from Italy.

In Italy there are besides some traditional rightist party like La Destra and Forza Nuova but they are politically irrelevant. A “curious” phenomenon is Casa Pound a right societal motion who use all the political and the traditional issues of the traditional extra-parliamentary left side motion. The define their egos like no planetary. for the public assistance province. anti-imperialist and reasonable to animalist and green issues. but all this things hidden a strong patriotism. Of class they are against the in-migration in peculiar from the Muslim’s states.

Another look of the phenomenon we have it in Hungary with the The Movement for a Better Hungary ( JOBBIK ) which in the elections for the European parliament in 2009 it got the 14. 7 % and 3 seats in the European Parliament. A neo-fascist party who uses a strong racialist and anti-communist rhetoric. Riding the moving ridge of anti-Roma and anti-European JOBBIK established in the 2007 “The Hungarian Guard” with declared aim to keep the public order and for the “national self-defense” . It’s a paramilitary organisation who “work” analogue to the normal constabularies and who commemorate the Magyar Empire but besides the paramilitary Nazi-organization in Germany in 1930s.

The new populism of the “new – right – wing”
All the new European right flying parties use same sort of populism and this one of the most of import thing that make theme really similar. The PVV. the Lga Nord and Casa Pound they changed the classical dialectic between right/left in a different dichotomy pro-system/ anti-system. For them the “system” includes the political elite. fiscal and trade brotherhoods and it is represented as the set of corrupt and exploitatory. This new manner possibly will rule the position of the new European right-wing which can do their ego with the populism like the lone echt Anti-system option who can contend the elite and corruptness. So the new competition for the left side parties and for the democratic parties it will be to contend the new right-wing in the topographic point where is turning and with the issues that they rise.

So the job it will be to happen a new different ways for the edifice of a multicultural society which could demo that the right solutions anachronic and antidemocratic. because of the multicultural society that the new right can lift quicker. because they give a simple reply to the job: “identity and values” . And possibly for decide this job it should decide at the first the economic jobs with equal redistribution of the beginning between all the population. So if the democratic and left sides parties will increase the public assistance province possibly there will be non infinite for the rise of the right wing.


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