Nationalism in Germany Essay

“The term nationalism refers to an ideology based on the notion that people who have a sense of homogeneity rooted in a conception of a shared history and a common ethnicity, cultural heritage, language, or religion should be united in a single nation-state free of “alien” political, economic, or cultural influence or domination. ” (Putins Peter, Rita) Nationalism has brought together many countries throughout its existence.For instance, Germany, Italy and France were all unified due to this powerful force. “At the Congress of Vienna, Prince Metternich stopped unification of Germany from occurring before the movement grew to large. ” (Watkins, Jefferey) The Congress of Vienna made Germany into 38 sovereign states. In these 38 soverign states was Prussia. Prussia consisted of present day Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

For many years the House of Hohenzollern excersized ultimate power over Prussia. Due to Napoleon’s invasions, nationalistic feelings began to grow and a want for unification started. “During the 1850’s, Prussians wanted to unite Germany under their leadership, but Austria blocked such a union. The Prussian emperor and army leaders foresaw the need for a greatly expanded army, but were blocked by a liberal legislature which refused to appropriate the funds. (Suffolk Community College) Otto Eduard Leopold Bismarck was appointed prime minister of Prussia in 1862 by emperor William I.

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Otto von Bismarck was greatly known as a conservative German statesman. He knew that Austria was the main obstacle in unifying Germany under Prussian rule. Therefore, a war was declared, The Austro-Prussian War, or The Seven Weeks War. Prussia defeated Austria using “blood and iron” as Bismark says.

Prussia attacked Austria in order to seize more land and succeeded after just seven weeks.


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