Natural Disasters and Catastrophes Essay

From researching on-line databases of my metropolis. I’ve found that we are focused on be aftering in front for catastrophes such as hurricanes. or even different signifiers like terrorist act for illustration. The metropolis acknowledges this strategic planning needed. every bit good as constructing public consciousness and the development of risky extenuation and exigency response programs. Harmonizing to the city manager. these programs are at completion and ready for usage when or if the clip of all time comes. It was besides found that all of this readiness has been maintaining the city’s fatherland security squad wholly busy for the past few old ages as the metropolis stresses necessary preparation. new equipment and instruction and the turning development of the new Community Emergency Response Team. If you are to pull any grounds from these actions of my metropolis. it is that the cardinal emphasis is maximal readiness and planning which isn’t a bad accent when you’re covering with natural catastrophes. Agencies

One bureau in the metropolis of West Haven in respects to exigency readiness is the Medical Reserve Corps or MRC. They are really sponsored by the office of the U. S. Surgeon General. As a community based volunteering web. they are organized to back up the bing public wellness construction during exigencies and even non-emergency events. The duties include pull offing natural catastrophes. unwellnesss. semisynthetic exigencies and community wellness events. Member places range from medical practicians. nurses. mental wellness professionals every bit good as assorted volunteering functions.

Another bureau with exigency readiness in my metropolis is the Community Emergency Response Team or CERT. On September 23. 2006 CERT was launched in West Haven with 30 two voluntaries. The theory behind the development of CERT is really rather obvious but some topographic points might ne’er set this into perspective unhappily. In major exigencies it’s a fact that exigency services are overloaded outright. With CERT created it gives ordinary civilians the preparation chance they need to be prepared in exigency fortunes. This opens up the chance for a more independent society with less of a demand to seek professional exigency functionaries help in a clip of crisis. Every country in our universe faces the menace of temblors and twisters and the most common catastrophes we face are terrible storms and inundations. Essentially CERT is needed everyplace whether people believe it or non. it’s merely whether or non the location acknowledges this. Geography

West Haven has a sum of 11 square stat mis of which 0. 2 square stat mis is H2O and the balance of infinite is land. Incorporating 3. 5 stat mis of publically accessible beaches. West Haven is bound in the sou’-west by The Oyster River. Northwest by the town of Orange. North by New Haven. nor’-east by The West River. to the E is New Haven Harbor and to the South there is Long Island Sound which is separated by a interruption wall. With so much H2O run alonging the metropolis it is rather vulnerable to H2O jeopardies like deluging and belongings harm during the several storms or hurricanes we get over the old ages. I myself have seen tonss of places on the H2O cease to be because of these hurricanes in the past few old ages. In add-on to that. there has besides been much sand eroding on our beaches within the past few old ages. Literally half of the distance from our route to the H2O that was covered with sand now lies at that place.


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