Nature vs Nurture Essay

In this assignment I will be talking about how nature vs nurture can affect the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of different life stages towards an individual. Nature vs nurture has a strong affect on people where it has an effect when the adolescence (students) is in a classroom. The term nature means inherited genetic influences on growth and the way they function around people etc for instance these are walking, talking, standing straight but then again the inherited characteristics are the attributes in the individual also there intelligence.

Nurture could affect the way the person develops therefore the environmental factors towards the individual such as the way the person grows and develops as they grow older. It also has an affect of the family, schools, culture, and the media and so on. Nurture also affects the child’s development several of ways; physically by nutrition and activity, intellectually through experiences and formal instructions and lastly socially from there family the adult role models and there relationships with them.

As there is always an argument based on this topic; nature vs nurture plays a big role towards the development of the child. For instance nurture will; affect the way the invidividual acts when in the classroom this is because the students inherits traits that pertain to education where student can do well in some subjects but in other subjects they cant as it is there weakest link.

As well, the students inherit certain psychological traits which are when they become shy therefore they aren’t very assertive or confidence. This is where nurture comes into play because students who are shy by nature can be nurtured where the are taught to become aggressive not to shout at others and start attacking them but just not be shy this will then change there development and the person they were .


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