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Needs Assessment
Needs Assessment
With the current advancement in technology, most of the organizational processes have been digitalized to improve the efficiency of the processes and the desired outcomes (Griffin & Cengage Learning, 2017). Networking is one of the aspects which many organizations have integrated information technology to gain a strategic advantage over other firms. As technology continues to become an important aspect for most of the organizations, the Medstar Southern Maryland Hospital has a need to integrate the most current technology into their systems to improve its networking systems and communication (Griffin & Cengage Learning, 2017). Some of the gaps identified include inefficient communication and networking systems between the organization’s departments, which is important for collaboration purposes. Collaboration is important in uniting different individuals in an organization to work towards common goals (Griffin ; Cengage Learning, 2017).
The different departments in Medstar Southern Maryland Hospital are all working towards the same goal, which is improving healthcare service delivery, which can be improved by an efficient record keeping system (Griffin ; Cengage Learning, 2017). Cross-functional collaboration is important in bringing the different skills from the different departments to help in determining effective strategies meant to ensure successful achievement of the goals and objectives of the hospital (Griffin ; Cengage Learning, 2017). This gap can be addressed by the implementation of a new electronic medical record system, which will link the entire organization to important information. This will improve communication across the departments and in the exchanging of information between the nurses, physicians, and patients. This helps healthcare professionals to have the same information related to an individual patient (Griffin ; Cengage Learning, 2017).

Although this system is already in place but there are still gaps in the hospital, which reduce the effectiveness of the current system. This has led to delays in the issuance of medications and conducting vital tests and diagnosis negatively affecting the treatment process and ultimately the healthcare service delivery in the hospital (Sarnikar, Bennett, ; Gaynor, 2013). With the integration of new and current information technology in the hospital, nurses will be able to access the most current treatment information related to patients, which will lead to an improved decision-making process. This will also benefit patients who take home medications by having an accurate follow up process by healthcare professionals (Sarnikar, Bennett, ; Gaynor, 2013).
Patients will also be able to access medications within the appropriate time in situations of continued medications. Upgrading this system will also reduce the time spent correcting medical errors on the issuance of medications (Sarnikar, Bennett, ; Gaynor, 2013). This will give the nurses more time to perform other important functions and responsibilities improving their service delivery to the patients (Sarnikar, Bennett, ; Gaynor, 2013). Safety is one of the most important aspects in healthcare, which will be guaranteed with the integration of this system in Medstar Southern Maryland Hospital, which will be achieved through improved communication, and effective networking in the hospital (Sarnikar, Bennett, ; Gaynor, 2013).
Griffin, R. W., ; Cengage Learning. (2017). Management. Boston: Cengage Learning.

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Sarnikar, S., Bennett, D., ; Gaynor, M. (2013). Cases on healthcare information technology for patient care management. Hershey, PA: Medical Information Science Reference.


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