New Hire Orientation: A Case Study Essay

Companies big and small develop programs that deal with recruitment and training of new hires. “A vital component of a firm’s human resource management is in its new hire orientation program” (Dunn & Jasinski, 2009, p. 115).

The process must be organized and comprehensive. Providing a structured, and well thought out orientation, will prepare new hires for the challenges he or she may face within their new role. “ The new employee orientation program is thus a specific, programmatic component in the overall process of socializing the employee to fit into the organization” (Welty, 2009, p. 5). These programs are dependent upon the development and organization of policies and guidelines specific to the orientation process.The program development is often the responsibility of the recruiter.

According to Dunn and Jasinski, “ a firm can organize the role and scope of its new hire orientation program, assign responsibility for the program’s execution, and determine the appropriate level of resources to commit to the process” (2009, p. 115). The positive benefits of a successful program are measured by the performance and motivation of the employee.

According to Welty, “ Such a program tends to lengthen employees’ tenure at the organization, as well as their motivation to perform successfully in the new position” (Welty, 2009, p. 85). BACKGROUND This case study examines the particular process and planning for 15 new hires of the ABC Corporation. The study will explore the efforts made or not made by Carl Robins, campus recruiter. This is a new position for Robins; employed for only six months.

It represents his first attempt at recruitment and orientation efforts. Efforts will be made to define the necessary aspects he must ensure for a successful orientation program.The case study will also examine Robins present process development. It will conclude with suggested solutions and strategies for improvement. Key Problems One of the main problems is that Robins has not prepared adequately enough for the upcoming orientation program.

Approximately two weeks are left to ensure the program will be prepared on time. Because this is his first attempt at recruitment and orientation, he may require, and benefit from, some assistance with program development. The financial aspects of promoting this type of program can be numerous.In collaboration with Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor, the present aspects of the program should be evaluated and corrected prior to implementation. The following elements of the program require investigation: * Shortened time frame * Incomplete applications * Completion of mandatory drug testing prior to orientation * Lack of training space Shortened Time Frame for Completion The program will be prepared to start on time.

The employees are scheduled. The date for orientation has been set. There is approximately two weeks to prepare the program for implementation.Issues must be addressed and corrected if the program is to be successful. After evaluation of the subsequent key problems a decision will be made regarding the target date. Changes in the target date may be necessary to implement a successful program. Incomplete Applications Applications have been found to be incomplete.

To complete the hiring process all aspects of the applications must be finalized. This is essential to assure that prospective employees have provided the prospective employer with a complete and accurate assessment.Items overlooked may have eventually promoted or dismissed the applicants from the hiring process. When there are many applicants for individual position application completeness may make be the deciding factor. The major task here, because it was not done prior to hiring applicants, is to ensure that the applications are complete prior to new hire orientation.

Completion of Mandatory Drug Testing Prior to Orientation Pre-employment drug testing is not complete. Many companies have instituted a drug testing policy.The pre-placement testing, supports that “all offers of employment to applicants will be contingent upon the applicant passing a drug test in accordance with the company’s policy”…”If an applicant’s test is positive for any prohibitive substance, the applicant will not be employed by the company” (Cholakis & Bruce, 2007, p.

32). Pre employment drug testing is required. No employee will enter into an orientation program without first completing this step. There may be prospective participants who do not meet the requirement.

Time, money, and effort will have been spent unnecessarily.Completed and Accurate Orientation Manuals The manuals in their present condition are not adequate in content or supply for this program. It is important to provide the new hire with a manual that covers the many facets of the organization. This is reflected in specific policies and procedures necessary to accomplish the job. It may also include the way an organization operates, the culture of the organization, and the HR policies surrounding hiring, firing and, grievances. Then at the very least, if they find themselves in difficult situations, they will know there are policies that cover them.The information provided to the employee benefits both the employee and the employer. Expensive programs may not always be feasible or necessarily required.

“Organizations need to make sure their new hire orientation processes are consistent throughout and appropriately responsive to their particular environment” (Dunn & Jasinski, 2009, p. 125). Resources must be allotted to ensure that the present manuals are complete, comprehensive, and in adequate supply for the program target date Lack of Training Space The training space initially secured by Carl Robins, was additionally booked for another educational effort.The lack of a proper training environment is a genuine problem that must be addressed in order to continue efforts on this program. For training to be successful it must take place in an environment conducive to learning. Review contingent locations or changes in the present training schedule.

A decision to cancel the program will be necessary if a proper training location is not secured. Possible Solutions Carl Robins discovered, be it late that his preparation for the upcoming program is incomplete. In a very short time frame, he must correct the problems identified.Frustrated and overwhelmed he needs to perhaps alert others involved in the organization. Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor will be informed about the concerns surrounding the program and her earlier requests for updates. A collaborative effort is necessary to ensure the problems are identified and solutions explored. Shortened Time Frame for Completion With only two weeks before program implementation left, time is of the essence. Robins needs to make a list of the problems identified, and research the time necessary to complete tasks.

If it becomes evident that solving these issues will be more time consuming, the program may have to be cancelled and rescheduled. The review and estimation of required time should be done as quickly as possible. Incomplete Applications Contact each applicant to schedule them, to complete his or her individual application, and provide necessary transcripts or documentation. Scheduling time will be a factor in the limited time frame available. Evaluate the necessity of completing this step prior to orientation. Maybe delaying the completion, while the applicants are attending the program, will prove to be a time saving measure.Address the question of this element necessarily requiring completion in time for orientation. Completion of Mandatory Drug Testing Prior to Orientation Robins must review the Drug Testing Policy in place in this organization.

Mandatory drug testing will be completed as outlined and results received prior to entry into any orientation program. The necessary time for completion of this process will be researched. Again time will be a factor in the decision to proceed if tests are not completed in a timely fashion.

The applicants will be contacted and scheduled for testing.Contact the employees involved in administering these tests for further information. The decision can be made if this can be tine in the available time frame. Completed and Accurate Orientation Manuals The manuals need to be accurate, complete, and in sufficient quantity for the new hires. The content of the manuals should be addressed for accuracy and completeness.

Secretarial/Clerical staff may be instrumental in preparing an adequate amount of binders with the most recent company information and current policies.Lack of Training Space There will be no training program if an adequate space is not secured. It may be necessary to look at other locations to secure a training room. Because of the double booking, it may be necessary to look outside the campus. The schedule may need to be altered to accommodate this project and facilitate the new hires in positions by July.

The tight time frame may again be an issue in securing adequate training space. Proposed Solutions The tasks necessary to complete the preparation for this program are extensive.Robins must involve others as he develops a plan of correction for this project. Once the identified key members are brought in the problem-solving venture can begin.

It is not necessarily hard to accomplish the elements identified. It will come down to being able to correct them all in the time remaining. It is possible to work hard and correct the problems identified, but if the solutions require more time than available the program will have to be canceled or rescheduled. Timing will be the major factor in deciding whether to proceed with the anticipated target date or not.Conclusion The time frames to complete all the elements identified prior to program implementation are vast. Decisions are to be made based on time constraints and adequate completion of tasks. Robins, by creating a list of issues, and involving other employees in the creation of solutions, may complete program.

Either way, Robins has been presented with some very important lessons. The importance of preparation and the request for help if needed. Once done, Robins is better prepared for his next group of new hires at the ABC Corporation.ReferencesCholakis, P. N., & Bruce, R.

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