Nick Rakestraw Mr

Nick Rakestraw
Mr. Rupp
ELA 10
17 September 2018
Children’s Actions
Parents hold a lot of responsibility when raising children. They are there to teach them right from wrong and how to behave in order to raise them into successful men and women that today’s society can relate to; rather than juvenile delinquents that this world discriminates upon. It is the parent’s responsibility to instill values into their young children because as the children grow it becomes their responsibility to make their own decisions since one day they will have to face the real world on their own.
I believe parents should not be held accountable for their children’s actions because blaming parents is not going to help children learn from their mistakes. Advocates who subscribe to full parental accountability stated, “They believe parents should know about and control their children’s actions and accept their obligation to bear the consequences of their children’s mistakes.” ( By this comment they’re stating that parents basically deserve every punishment their children commit. However, parents shouldn’t be held accountable for their children’s screw ups, the child themselves are responsible for the crimes they committed. They deserve to pay the price for the actions they take.
If children did the crime then the most reasonable explanation would be that they pay the price. Blaming parents isn’t going to help the children learn from their mistakes, it’s just going to make it that much easier for them to commit the crime again without getting any punishment sent their way. When it comes to parents some may be the best when it comes to raising their children, however their child decide to go down a different path with the wrong crowd and completely misbehave.
Children don´t deserve to be treated like animals. By controlling a child and keeping them enclosed like an animal, is only going to make matters worse and the child is going to rebel. A parent has to lay down supervision and care for their children, but shouldn’t be responsible for every action the child makes. If we continue to blame parents for their children’s crimes, then we will see no positive outcomes in the child’s future. Parents can’t control their children only influence them.
If a parent continues to try to participate in a child’s life and that child continues to rebel. It is therefore not the parents fault of the crime that child commits. It is up to the children to follow the rules that their parents established for them in order to live a successful life.

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