Nine stages of the family life cycle Sample Essay

In every individual there is a similarity.

which is everyone at some clip in their life is exposed to the household life rhythm. This essay will concentrate on the nine phase version on the household life rhythm. People all grow. adapt. and happen their ain niche in society and this facet of life would be impossible without the household life rhythm. Get downing with two people and covering all the bases of love.

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via medias. matrimony. kid bearing. kid raising.

adolescent rebellion. allowing spell of kid. and old age is what will be the context of this essay.The household life rhythm is based around two lone persons that for some ground meet and have a connexion. Peoples will frequently see a few common features when they believe themselves to be in love and this is defined as limerance. Limerance is an emotional province one feels towards another that is frequently described as romantic love and is said to be heavenly. Peoples are said at this phase to experience desires emotionally and physically for their spouse.

First to develop in romantic love is passion whereby there is a strong sexual attractive force to a mate. Idealization will frequently happen when in limerance and the object of love will be placed on a base. This is when negative and impersonal traits can sometimes be overlooked or even seem affecting.

The 2nd phase in the household life rhythm consists of comprises that the twosome will do for each other. This is frequently the interrupting up phase of many twosomes that fail to consist with each other. In this phase a desire for exclusivity is normally established.

The psychological demands of the two involved in the relationship are set at this point and people have normally already found some negativeness in their mate. Physical demands must besides be made of the two embarking into a more intense friendly relationship. The criterions are at this point set.Marriage is an acknowledged sexual and economic brotherhood between two or more people. Peoples normally make legal understandings to honor each other for life at this stage.

A healthy relationship will non alter with the rubric matrimony and will go on to germinate as it was before the consensual understanding. Peoples prepare for parentage. or typically aim to make so at this phase. They join together as the foundation of a household and assign responsibilities to each other such as clean housing. cooking. measures.

Canis familiaris walking. etc. Normally people live together when married. which is common for the bulk of societies. Marriage is often being overlooked in our Western society and common jurisprudence brotherhood is going more frequent. Common jurisprudence brotherhood is established after people have been populating together for a fit period of clip and do non desire the legal matrimony certification.

Childbirth is the following measure in the household life rhythm. A healthy environment is important to the growing of a kid and is normally sustained prior to the gestation or during the gestation. Couples typically restructure their lives to let for a complete alteration in their ordinary life styles. No more late darks partying. dinners out at nice eating houses. kiping 8-10hours a dark when the babes come along.

New parents are normally really protective of their creative activity and experience a new sense of duty to care and love their babes. Of class there are people that bead babes off in Dumpsters and do atrocious inhumane things to their kids. but that is a wholly different essay. This is the phase when a new found pride and love is experienced by the twosome when they reproduce or adopt.Child-raising is said to be the most hard undertaking one can take on in their life and is besides the following phase in the rhythm. Many determinations are to be made that drastically impact the twosome and their kid at this point in the rhythm.

Whether one parent will remain place and be a full clip houseparent or the kid will be put into day care or another individual will watch the kid. are the determinations that have to be made by the parents. A healthy environment must be maintained for the kid to larn and develop. The child’s involvements and endowments are established when they are merely 2andahalf to 6 old ages old. Reacting to the child’s needs is critical for parents.

Adapting is the hardest portion of this phase and it is when many parents feel an huge sum of emphasis and deficiency of personal clip. When the kid becomes a pre-teen ( 6-13 old ages old ) the parents must further a healthy educational environment. Some independence is normally given to the kid.

which is difficult for the parents to make and besides hard on the kid.A child 13-20 old ages old is detecting their ain personal involvements and demands. This is difficult for the parent to get by with particularly when their teen’s positions and ethical motives may conflict with their ain values. Freedom can either be easy given to the adolescent at this phase by the parents or taken by the adolescent when they feel their parents are non giving them adequate freedom. A duty for them self must be learned by the adolescent before they can venture into the universe without ma and dada.

At this phase the adolescent is being socialized to work in society on their ain. Often adolescents will acquire their first occupations and larn how much things cost like places. apparels and other luxuries they before this clip had had their parents pay for.Families with immature grownups are fixing to direct their offspring off to populate on their ain. Often this is when immature grownups live in semi-independence.

They will be supported by their parents and household in some facets but perchance live on their ain or on campus or even merely seldom go place. Their household may give them some money and aid with the passage of going wholly independent. At this phase a nurturing place is set up for the immature grownup to return place to on occasion.Post-parenting twosomes are the following phase. These people must relearn to populate entirely together and frequently is non every bit exciting as it was the first clip when they were much younger and did non hold childs.

A new matrimony relationship is established while maintaining in touch with their immature grownups. In this phase the kids of the post-parenting twosomes are already get downing to see limerance and relationships of their ain.The concluding phase is aging twosomes and includes retirement and beyond. The adapting in this phase is one that the parents have to cover with along with their kids. No longer working the now retired twosome has to happen things to make and worry more about wellness. Making concluding volitions is a hard undertaking many people do as they age.

There may be the inevitable loss of their partner at this phase. This can lay waste to most people and is besides frequently when the staying parent will fall in one of their children’s households organizing an drawn-out household.The household life rhythm is frequently non perfect and the manner I have outlined it is non the manner most people life their lives but is the “standard” manner of life most people can hold to. It is a procedure which must go on to come on and alter with the times of the universe but non cut out reproducing. in order to prolong human life.

The household life rhythm so is a usher on to how to populate and what to anticipate. nothingness of all jobs and imperfectnesss encountered in life.


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