No Culture Is an Island Essay

No Culture is an Island No culture is an island means, cultures aren’t bound to say in one area as it’s stuck on an island. It influences people to people, community to community, country to country. All human interaction is influenced to some degree by the cultural, social, and physical settings in which it occurs. It’s given that culture powerfully influences thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Every person’s culture is his own mindset that they develop during childhood grooming and socialization.

Social Change, every culture has its own lifestyle the way people dress, what roles genders have, what role children have and what they do in their leisure time. But the culture is influencing social change on other parts of the world too. As it’s the 21stcentury media helps people in other parts of the world to observe and most of them feel attracted to because it’s new to them and adopt in their culture.

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Example Jeans was a western culture gradually with time passing by rest of the world got familiar with it and now it’s been adopted in almost every culture. Arts, by arts I mean music, theatre and their creator/performers. They have a big influence on people all over the world. If they are really famous some people set celebrities as there role model and start adopting their cultures. The world come to knows what other cultures exist through Arts. Hollywood had a big role in changing cultures all over the world.

The influence of Musicians and Actors is effective and brings a change in their fans culture really quick. Technology, now a day’s same technology is being used all over the developed and developing countries. Again I would say media helps spread the news that what types of technology is out there and rest of the world tries to obtain it and adopt it, because no one wants stay behind in the matter of technology and the people who adopt the new technology helps them compete with the world.


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