No-frills shopping in Hong Kong Essay

A budget already strained by an overseas vacation may not leave muchroom for new clothes. But if you’re visiting Hong Kong, buying atfactory outlets can give you ready-made name-brand (or imitationname-brand) clothing, often for less than half what you’d pay inthis country. You’ll easily locate well-made silk dresses for $60 to $80,lined wool or silk skirts for $20 to $70, wool slacks for $30 to $70,and men’s silk shirts for $12 to $25.

Prices are fixed. Frills are few at these places. Often located on an upper floor ofan office building, the outlets emphasize overproduced items or seconds.Some shops have half a dozen racks of clothes, while others boast thefloor space of a small grocery store. Changing rooms are basic, andservice is minimal, but attendants do speak English.

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Be sure to trythings on: both European and American sizes are marked. You’ll find a smattering of recognizable labels, mostauthentic, some perhaps not: Anne Klein II, Evan Picone, Oscar de laRenta. Some labels are for small boutiques in the United States andEurope. Kong Hong has 25 factory outlets in three distinct areas: KaiserEstates in Kowloon’s Hunghom district (a $3 taxi ride from the StarFerry terminal); Tsimshatsui, at the southern tip of Kowloon (locationof many major hotels); and Hong Kong Central (outlets are just a fewblocks from the Star Ferry pier). Ask at any Hong Kong Tourist Association office for an up-to-datelist of garment outlets. On Kowloon, visit the office on the Star Ferryconcourse.

The list includes addresses (in English and Chinese so taxidrivers can read the address), telephone numbers, and the specialties ofeach outlet.


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