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As a manager leadership is the most important part ofyour job, however in todays constantlybusiness climate, you can not base what you do on the type of leadership techniquesused in the past to keep up with the business climate in today’s world. Being Mr.Grouch hollering at subordinates won’t win your employees over to your side,while at the same time the Mr.

friendly, laidback style won’t get you results to keep up with your competition. Howdoes the modern manager succeed? You need the ability to innovate and be a strong role model. A leaderthat is the hardest worker at the company can help motivate employees to workharder. However, some things are different, “Today’s successful business leaderis decisive, insightful and constantly challenging company conventions to keepideas flowing”, says management consultant Mark Stevens.

A part of beinginsightful allows the manager to identify opportunities faster his or her competition does receiveinput from all his employees or peers to spot possible new avenues. Beinginsightful and decisive can go hand in hand because you will have to use yourinsight at times to make important decisions that can drastically affect thebusiness. The small seemingly not as big decisions have to also be on point orthat can cause a domino effect to otherareas of the business. Lastly, you mustbe constantly challenging your employees, “You need to wage constructive warcontinuously” Stevens says. As a manager the hardest part of your job is thefight against complacency; employees that feel they have worked hard enough orwant to cash it in for the day. So, by being the hardest worker yourself, and aconstant state of war challenging your employees to do better with incentivesor whatever you need to get your people motivated. These four things, beinginnovative, decisive, insightful, and constantly challenging more out of youremployees are essential qualities any businessmanor woman will need to be successful.



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