Not curtains, but plants hang from the curtain rod Essay

Not curtains, but plants hang from the curtain rod Instead of a curtain, stained glass panels and a leafy screen giveprivacy to the dining room shown above. The house plants thrive closeto window light, and their leaves help block the view of theneighbor’s wall. The hanging plants in the photograph are rabbit’s foot fern(Polypodium aureum), creeping Jenny (Pilea depressa), and grape ivy.

Tokeep their growth lush, owner Winifred Anderson of Woodland, California,rotates the side facing the window every few weeks. Every month or two,she takes plants down, rinses off leaves, and submerges pots in water tosoak them thoroughly. Lightweight plastic pots with saucers attachedare the most practical. Unfinished Wood support brackets, finials, andwooden rods 4 to 8 feet long and 1 5/16 inch in diameter cost $20 to $25a set at large building supply or home improvement centers. You canpaint or stain them to match window trim.

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Chains and S-hooks are usually available at the same place or fromgarden supply stores. You may have to expand one end of the S-hooks orslip large metal rings over the rod and suspend smaller S-hooks fromthem. Below the plants, owner-designed stained glass fits inside theexisting pane. It is held in place by 1/4-inch quarter-round stained tomatch the window trim and nailed to it. Photo: House plants thrive in east-facing window. Wooden rod,S-hooks, and chains support pots up to 9 inches across.

End bracketsfor rod are screwed to window frame


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