Not just railings, they are also shelves, a desk, a table Essay

Not just railings, they are also shelves, a desk, a table The railings work hard in this house in Mill Valley, California. Indifferent places, they double as shelves, a table, or support for adesk. From the entry landing, a railing topped with a series of1-foot-wide shelves borders a short stairway up to the living room.Shelves are staggered one above the other and provide room to displayart objects. At the top of the stairs (right), the railing meets a 2-foot-hightable measuring 40 by 110 inches. The owners use it as a plant platformor as a buffet during parties. In the loft above a bedroom, a redwood railing functions as thebase for a desk. On the underside of the desk, 2-by-3s on both sides ofthe rail provide bracing.

Some of the railways don’t meet strictcode interpretations, but the inspector felt their width and placementjustified their design. Robert Yeakey and architect John Marsh Davis designed the house. Photo: Living room counter extends across stairwell, giving displayspace for plants and pottery. Stepping down the stairs, wide rail andsupports are built like fine furniture Photo: Desk in bedroom loft turns small space into study. Seenfrom below, support structure for cantilevered desk is cleanlyexpressed.

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Her feet can rest on a 2-by-4 bolted to 2-by-6s. Undersideof desk is white to match ceiling


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