Notes of Key Point of the Merchants of Cool Essay

From watching the Frontline picture of the merchandisers of cool. I found that there are a few key points which raise my consciousness to adolescents. First. the teenager population were going larger and larger. There were 32 million adolescents in North America in 2001. The squad population even beat their babe boomer parents’ population.

150 billion dollars could be spent by those adolescents. They have gotten more money from their parents. They become rich and could pass more on many merchandises. which was a good chance for many concerns who want to bring forth teenagers’ favorite merchandises.MTV. Madison Avenue. dream shapers of Hollywood besides targeted their merchandises to those adolescents.

Communications Professor of University of Illinois Robert McChesney described the adolescent squad merely like Africa. It was the most studied coevals in history. Adolescent Marketing Executive Robert Stone besides described if people do non travel profoundly into teenagers’ civilization. they would non understand teenagers’ behaviours and their subjects.

Second. mark selling research workers tried to calculate out what teenagers’ wonts are in order to understand and acknowledge what adolescents feel themselves and what they think.An illustration of who these cool-hunters are was found at the company Look-Look. Dee Dee Gordon.

one of the laminitiss. worked with a squad of letter writers who are former “cool kids” themselves and acted as “culture spies that penetrated the parts of the adolescent landscape. ” These letter writers were trained to happen cool people who “lead the pack” . These trendsetters were difficult to happen. but one time they were identified. they were interviewed. photographed.

and added to the Look-Look web site to analyse these head-of-time characters. The website identified common subjects and gives viewing audiences an thought of what is “in” .Access to this “Rosetta Stone of Teen Culture” was sold to companies for $ 20.

000 of subscription fees. The dry alteration: one time cool was found. Look-Look posted it. companies imitated the tendency. and the regular consumer bought it. However. there was a paradox that it was no longer chill when people had found those cool tendencies. Research workers found that adolescents thought the coolest thing was they felt cool by themselves.

In the early 1990s. research workers interviewed with some adolescents and found that those adolescents had watched much advertisement which ran overload.They besides found that those adolescents were someway syndical about those traditional attacks to advertisement. After these research workers recognized and understood what those adolescents wanted. Sprite Company launched a new advertisement with cool. which grabbed teenagers’ attendings to this trade name.

and those adolescents thought Sprite Company know what they wanted. Sprite successfully cloaked adolescents in echt and cool. Another cool representative is hip-hop. Director of Youth Brand Pina Sciarra said that hip-hop became a kind of vehicle of land for marketing research workers to affect into teenagers’ civilization.One manner for marketing research workers to make is to develop relationship with creative persons. After happening those responses from adolescents. many selling research workers tried to go a portion of adolescent squad in order to understand and acknowledge what their targeting topics wanted.

Another illustration is cornerstone. It hired adolescents to log into the chatting room by allowing childs “as merely another fan of their clients” station a subject or answer. Cornerstone besides recruited incoming freshers through teenagers’ parties and gave promotional stuffs to teens in order to go through out to equals at their parties.

Cornerstone helped bright web DJ and hip-hop creative persons smuggled their feedbacks into the universe of teens. They could understand and acknowledge how teens think and how teens behave in their ain ways by sing those teen’s messages. Adolescent Marketing Executive Robert Stone said the runs among concerns did non work any longer.

Business people need to deeply affect in teen’s civilization to happen what teens truly desire. which worked for catching teen’s involvements. Sprite now was the fastest turning soft imbibing in the universe. An illustration of “a matrimony between corporation and culture” is the Sprite. om event. A party was held with hip-hop’s hottest creative persons executing for a paid audience.Pina Sciarra said that Sprite now became a hip-hop icon.

Furthermore. people began to believe that the used civilization was merely an look or ingestion of merchandise. Does the used civilization originally come from teen’s themselves or commercial advertizement? Is the boundary been wholly raised? There were five true merchandisers of cool: Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp. Disney. Viacom. Universal Vivendi.

and AOL/Time Warner which were responsible for selling about all the youth civilization.Robert McChesney described that these companies together own 90 % of all music in the US. all movie studios. all major Television webs. Television Stationss. and every commercial overseas telegram channel. The adolescent market merely likes Africa settlement. Companies were utilizing movies.

music. Cadmiums. cyberspace. vesture. amusement Parkss. and athleticss squads as arm to do money off this settlement. One of the media web s of Viacom which was MTV won $ 1 billion last twelvemonth entirely. The overseas telegram channel went into Youth Empire.

But the basic concern theoretical account remained the same.Robert McChesney described that MTV was merely a commercial overseas telegram channel. It could post publicize picture for each commercial company such as Hollywood. This scheme kept MTV holding inexpensive and easy contents. Taking MTV day-to-day plan direct facts. there were some familiar state of affairs.

The Sprite. com party was mentioned in this picture merely now. Sprite paid a child 50 dollar a dad to make full up to be cool in order to pull more immature consumers. However. the changeless selling show violated the first regulation of cool.

MTV knew the lesson a few old ages ago when its evaluation slipped.MTV President of programming Brain Graden said there was a perceptual experience of MTV that it began losing immature consumers. and it became less cool and less originative than earlier. Then MTV realized that cool was teen’s birth right. It had to alter with those teen’s involvements. MTV stayed cool by acquiring closer to its audience.

They spent clip and money on research to larn what teens truly wanted or desired. which contributed to their more originative. funky repute which in bend brought higher evaluations for the scheduling channel.

MTV Exec VP of Programming and News Dave Sirulnick said they need to acquire closer to the immature audience to calculate out what the adolescent squad privation or don’t want in teen’s civilization. MTV’s celebrated show. “Total Request Live. ” gives teens the power to watch the music videos they want to see by voting. TRL was rated the top 10 show by those immature audience. Dave Sirulnick explained that it attracted more adolescents when it got closer to the adolescent squad. The media web first clip gave over the control of the show to audience. It provided shows which teens favored.

This tendency made teens organize a bond with the company.To maintain this bond stay strong. selling research workers besides conducted some researches to track where squad civilization was traveling.

Vice President of Brand Strategy and Planning for MTV Todd Cunningham generated the thought of “feverish dependence to research and understand immature people” . MTV let interviewers see about their technic. Todd Cunningham and his co-workers conducted a study which called ethnographic surveies. In the study.

MTV market research workers visited typical fans in their places by cognizing the natural wonts of those teens. Todd Cunningham and his co-workers wanted to cognize what teens truly wanted by questioning a eenager male child.In the boy’s room. they shut the door and speak about issues that are of import and personal. such as dating. their parents. emphasis.

and all of the “things on the Black Marias and heads of teenagers” . Todd Cunningham described that these interviews are videotaped. analyzed. edited and so shown at section meetings with music.

This study besides raised a inquiry: Did MTV pass valuable clip and money merely to understand and acknowledge life style of teens? “When the tape is reviewed. what image of the adolescent male emerges? ” The critics answered. ”the mook. Mook is a character who is objectionable.

loud. petroleum. and ever in your face.

These mook could be found anyplace on MTV all the clip. The mook can be found in South Park. the Man Show. Taking one illustration. a mook tried to plunge in a soiled sewage.

Howard Stern was besides called the male monarch of mook. He was the most popular mook on MTV of Viacom. They were in an Internet Kuso civilization. Media Critic Robert McChesney said MTV merely allow the mook perform for a few proceedingss. Peoples can non place their individualities in really short clip.

Professional wrestle and their “pop” reaction were something unexpected or daze.It was really popular among adolescent male childs. This plan won a batch of money from those teenager male childs. It broadcasts 15 hours a hebdomad on five different webs. and it was seen by 15 million people. Bran Graden said it was the hottest plan among immature people particularly for adolescent male childs.

Another illustration was Midriff. MTV machine had spilt out the 2nd character. The middle was non true-to -life as the mook. It was a small different from mook. Adolescent misss were “consumed by appearance” and new female authorization. The Mook was rough.

but the Midriff represented sexy.An illustration is Britney Spears. She hit the scene as a virginal miss and subsequently her “pop” reaction shocked everybody. Her organic structure was her great assets. She was sexy in her show to delight male childs.

This sexy show in her MV didn’t merely delight the adolescent male childs. but more significantly proved to the adolescent misss that “your organic structure is your lone asset” . Every twelvemonth Thousands of misss pay over $ 4000 to acquire a opportunity to be discovered by patterning or endowment bureaus.

Taking an illustration of Jessica Biel. she was selected as a teenage miss to play a function of curate girl in the play of Seven Heaven in the WB channel.The WB channel was tired of viing with the same sex-driven shows. so they tried a new attack: household friendly shows that would “keep it clean. ” Co-Presidents of Marketing.

WB Network Bob Bibb described that they needed to air household play which was different from sex show to allow all the America household watched Television together. Their mark was to set out shows that households could watch together. like 7th Heaven. But the household scene may non crush the sex scene in the terminal.Then. WB made a class alteration by the 3rd season and the show. “Dawson’s Creek. The show was about sex-obsessed high school adolescents.

On the episode of the show. a 14 twelvemonth old male child began sex matter with his instructor. Who would exceed Dawson’s? The reply was MTV.

MTV broadcasted amped-up the attempts of other companies to make sexier shows. so MTV’s “Undressed” and films like “Cruel Intentions” promoted unprecedented sexual edification to catch teen’s attendings. In Cruel Intentions show. two measure siblings had sex scene. Movie Producer Neal Moritz said he would non do films that Rebels made. The similar films would non pull more attendings from audiences.Cruel Intentions which was an unprecedented sexual show did convey a batch of net incomes for them. Neal Moritz said teens wanted to see more exciting and bloody scene instead than see PG-13 films.

Even though. teens favored sex subject. Pres. Of Entertainment.

WB Network Susanne Daniels said teens favored to speak about sex. They were interested in watching sex scenes. Teenss were confronted in advertisement or Television show of sex. Makers of adolescent Television believed they were merely reflecting the existent universe. but was this true? Who was mirroring whom? 13-year-old Barbra was demoing wild as some other teens in forepart of the camera.Teenss being videotaped look to sell back to MTV what MTV shows them. It seemed a changeless feedback cringle.

Real life and TV life began to film over each other. Was there any manner to get away the feedback cringle. possibly? Groups like Insane Clown Posse and other creative persons of “rap metal” haven’t been processed. The sets and their followings “have been spurned by the mainstream. and like it. ” Downtown Detroit on Halloween dark. many adolescent male childs acted freely to demo people they could act what they want to show from their inner Black Marias. The in-between finger represented those adolescent boys’ alone character.

They strived to be highly rough and rebellious so “that they become indigestible” . These immature people challenged the universe to “market this. And they did” . If teens Rebel. it will be packaged and sold right back to them. Limp Bizkit is an illustration of marketing the rebellion.

The fury stone band’s go really welcomed since people knew the wood stock 1999. Co-Chairman. interscope Record Jimmy Iovine described they found contention to box the set. They could non halt the tendency. New York Times music critic Ann Powers commented that the set could non make what they merely want because they had no great demographic authorization.

However. people did non care the authorization permission. Limp Bizkit became successful because of “one portion reliable fury. two parts selling. a scattering of hard currency. and Woodstock ’99” .

Add a small TRL. and they’ve made it. The Cool-Hunt ends here with adolescent rebellion itself going another merchandise. Would Limp Bizkit have made it on their ain? No 1 will of all time cognize. Is there “anywhere the commercial machine won’t travel? Is it possible for teens to make a civilization of their ain? Do they of all time have anything cool that was themselve? “


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