Novel “Minority Report” and Movie ‘Minority Report’ Sample Essay

In more than one manner. the movie release of the Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruise film ‘Minority Report’ could non hold been better planned than what is based on a Philip K. Dick book of the same name. Compared to the Book. film is more elaborate. inventive. originative and original. And on the other side the original book. that is serviceable but unpolished. it’s besides a small clunky and short.

The movie renders a much more elaborate position of a near-term hereafter universe than that present in the original book. like the movie besides omits certain narrative inside informations for illustration. no clout cards. And on the other side the whole book is about 90 pages long. which is non considered a really professional length for a book. Whereas in the film. the chief characters are described and good elaborate. for illustration its starts with John Anderton ( Tom Cruise ) caput of an elect division of jurisprudence enforcement known as “Precrime” . utilizing the visions of three clairvoyants called “Pre-Cogs. ” the Precrime unit is able to find the exact day of the month and clip in the hereafter that a slaying will take topographic point. every bit good as the names of the culprit and victim. While in the original narrative there’s no such secret plan like that and it merely negotiations about the precrime system and a spot about “pre-Cogs” . and Anderton.

When compared to the original book. the film’s secret plan is much better. The film secret plan begins in 2054 and the slaying rate in Washington. D. C. has been reduced to zero. The ground is the constitution of the Department of Precrime. which analyzes the visions of three precognizant worlds to halt slayings before they happen. The Precogs ( the trade term for the three psychics ) can foretell a slaying to the 2nd it will happen. The system is so effectual that there has non been a slaying in six old ages because of the work of people like section of Chief John Anderton ( Tom Cruise ) . The federal authorities is fixing to convey the experiment to the national degree. but before set abouting such an attempt. the administrative officials need to do certain there are no defects with the system and direct in one of their ain. Danny Witwer ( Colin Farrell ) . to look into. The functionaries of the section believe in the system. and even though Witwer uncertainties Anderton’s capablenesss to head the bureau because of the loss of his boy. he has strong protagonists. peculiarly the manager of Precrime Lamar Burgess ( Max von Sydow ) .

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While the original book’s secret plan merely discusses about six old ages since the system was implemented. there hasn’t been a individual slaying in Washington. D. C. The undertaking has been so successful ; in fact. that an enterprise is afoot to take it to a national degree. a construct that greatly concerns the Department of Justice. This proves that the films secret plan is much better and inventive. Movie besides talks about future engineering in much better and inventive manner as it’s a narrative that is based on fiction and non world. All other facts of the offense can merely be ascertained by hints given by the assorted images relayed around the clip of slaying. Images transfer from the Pre-cogs’ heads to a computing machine show. and so Anderton manipulates the images in a kind of practical world interface to better find how the slayings might or will go on. On the side in the orginal book there is nil this good it merely talks about per-congs and that’s the lone chief engineering used and this proves that film is more inventive when compared to the book.

Movie is besides much more originative and orginal when compared to the book as it proves another fact. for illustration in the stoping of the film Anderton narrates that Pre-crime was shut down and the Pre-cogs were taken to a secret location to populate in privacy. and Anderton ends up remarrying his married woman. And on the other manus campared to the books stoping. there is nil like that and alternatively it says. Anderton died while salvaging the pre-cog system. as he was shot down by the ground forces because as the hereafter predicted he killed the ground forces commanding officer who was seeking to close down the whole system. which leads us to the decision. that the film is more originative and orginal. for illustration the film stoping is a happy one as compared to the 1 in the original book. which is sad. And film is still more originative in many ways such as the devising of it. on screen and it’s besides much more easy to follow while on the other manus. the book is a writen text and it’s more harder to follow. as more people perfer seeing than reading. Besides. the film shows more involvement and the orginal book is merely serviceable.


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