Nowadays, People Live Longer Than Ever Before, What Problems Does This Present Essay

In most of the developed states. many policies have been implemented to get by with the ageing population. In the past. most people retired at the age of 50. Nowadays. people enjoy retirements merely after three tonss.

The ageing population is normally more prevailing in the developed states than in the development states. This may boil down to the better quality of life in the first-world states presents. However.

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the graying population can in fact impede the economic advancement and societal betterment of a state.The longer lifetime of the population has caused some inevitable jobs to the economic development of a state. Demonstrably. most of the silver coevals lose their border in footings of the wellness status and the on the job ability.

Whilst revenue enhancement is being increased to heighten the wellbeing of the aged. the work force which comprises the octogenarians is losing fight and capableness. In order to overcome the aforesaid challenges. new blood has to be injected into the work force from clip to clip so that the engine to hike the economic system can be driven continuously.Healthy population growing contributes to the endowment pool and the consumer market of a state. The authorities is advancing population growing by implementing many pro-family strategies such as “Have Three or More” and pulling foreign endowments to back up the ageing population. ? Furthermore.

the aged are regarded as loads to the authorities today. Turning figure of senior citizens means increasing demand for geriatric attention such as the comfortss. health care and societal services. More fiscal resources and manpower therefore hold to be channelled to the development of such substructure.This may in bend hamper the growing of the industrial and commercial sectors. To keep the national development while guaranting sufficient attention to the aged.

the “Many Helping Hands” attack is introduced whereby the person. household and community portion the duty of taking attention of the senior citizens. This reduces the trust on the revenue enhancements and alleviates the government’s load. Therefore.

the resources saved can be used to develop other sectors and minimise the impact of the ageing population. ? Furthermore. sometimes. the older people can convey problems to their households.True. the elderly require more medical attending and are prone to illness.

Their household members therefore have to afford the high medical cost and expression after them fastidiously. Should the aged suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. the household may endure physically. financially and mentally. Hence. it is built-in for everyone to keep physical and mental wellness so as to guarantee an gratifying and autonomous retirement.

The single plays a major function in taking healthy life style by following balanced diet. exerting on a regular basis and abstaining from smoking and liquor.It is a personal duty to be after early and be financially prepared for one’s old age. ? All in all. the ageing population is a challenge to the economic system.

the authorities and the society. Albeit the silver population may be less able to lend to the national development. their wellbeing must still be good taken attention of.

The high degree of development enjoyed presents is attributed to the attempt of the older coevals in the yesteryear. In the instance of the crows. they feed their parents once they have grown up. Are we. the most intelligent existences.

no better than the crows?


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