ntroduction celiac disease

celiac disease (CD) can have a large negative impact on the quality of patients’ life. Celiac disease is a genetical autoimmune disorder characterized by hypersensitivity to gluten which is a main protein found in different type of food including wheat and grains.
Aims: to estimate the health-related quality of life in patients with celiac disease
Cross sectional study using self-administrated Short-Form survey (SF-36) questionnaire that has been completed by CD patients in Saudi Arabia.
Researchers conducted the study by using self-administrated Short- Form survey (SF-36) questionnaire that has been completed by patients or their parents. Study subjects are All patients who are diagnosed with celiac disease satisfying the criteria.
The SF – 36 questionnaires have been sent to one of the wellknown celiac group advocacy social group. This social group is helping CD patients to share their knowledge and experience through various social platforms (WhatsApp, twitter, and so on). Our questionnaire has been sent to the whole group. There are more than 600 patients around the kingdom is connected to this patients’ advocacy group. The questionnaire has been sent anonymously and each patient voluntarily answered the questionnaire. Young children’s responses were asked to be done by their parents
The inclusion criteria: both genders, Saudi nationality who are diagnosed with Celiac disease and agreed to be part of the research, excluding patients who have neurological, communication abnormalities, malignancies, bowel diseases, chronic renal failure, heart failure, or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases(COPD) as they may have an influence on the accuracy and validity of the results.
An online version of the Short-Form survey (SF-36) was distributed to an online local Celiac disease community.SF-36 was tested and showed reliability and validity as a measurement of quality of life. 22


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