Nuri is still believed

Nuri is still believed. In the 1960s, parrots were involved in every operation to defend the country from communist attacks, the confrontation era and until today the parrot still flies and saves lives in our country. There are various services that have been done. The parachute is called “The Iron Angel” because the parrot is truly a savior. Igor Sikorsky once said that if the country needed the help of an airplane, it would only come and drop the flowers. Furthermore, on the parrot they are never afraid and dread even once. Next, helicopters are the only aircraft capable of flying at close range and so close to save people in the country.

Grumpy elf split the cloud. In 1961, our country was introduced with the arrival of a new aircraft, a parrot helicopter. At first, parrot was among the best helicopters in the country. Some of them have the same shape and type. Subsequently, in 1967, parrots began to serve and specifically diversely produced for Malaysia.

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Next, parrot helicopters are still used in 15 countries including Denmark, Japan and Iran. After the year of the introduction of the country, many bad things happened to the parrot. For example, on October 4, a RMAF parachute landed anxiously on the open roof of SMK Balung and this led to 22 injured including 8 students. This is because there are a lot of people blaming their services for example in terms of the body and the old parrot engine is outdated. In addition, every party wants the country to convert the parachute helicopter to a better helicopter for the sake of safety. However, the previous accident may have been caused by three factors, weather factors, pilot error and technical problems. Undeniable also, unfortunate smell. There are many more history of accidents that occur on parachute helicopters from year to year. For example, on April 25, 1969. The first incident of the parrot crashed when four RMAF members were killed in Kuching, Sarawak.


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