Nursing School Sample Essay

I chose the Masters in nursing grade because it has ever been my dream to tap into emerging Fieldss in health care bringing and to be on the head of a run that is geared towards guaranting that persons with wellness demands are well-attended to within the acceptable criterions and moralss that bind and regulate the pattern of patient-care. In visible radiation of these and other built-in desires of mine. to be of aid to people in society. I am of the sentiment that the Clinical Nursing Leader class when pursued at the Masters degree. topographic points me on the manner to accomplishing my ( complete sentence ) ?

This dream of mine took root when I had to provide for a nephew who suffers from autism. This state of affairs brought me to the inexorable realisation that the pattern of covering with and caring for special-needs persons requires a multi-disciplinary attack that encompasses the expertness of all persons involved but chiefly puting the wellness of the patient in to the right well-trained custodies.

I believe an MS in the Clinical Health Leader plan will fix me for the dynamic nature of today’s health care industry. Bing a Renaissance man? class. it will non merely afford me the needful concern cognition. but besides groom me up to confront disputing real-life state of affairss that may come my manner. Leadership preparation every bit good as good societal networking are some extra grounds why I wish to prosecute this plan. In my sentiment. a successful individual is one that is well- rounded. Hence. I am actively involved in community activities ( are you truly? ) . Giving back to the community is of primary importance to me. On weekends. I engage in church activities including member trials. church cleansing. hospital trials. every bit good as Sunday service showing. . I am besides an active member of the Rotary Club. All of these activities re-enforce my accomplishments in working in and taking a group. accomplishments which are besides valuable in my function as a clinical nurse leader.

This grade is besides resonating with my programs to transport out research in wellness bringing and prosecute a doctor’s degree in Healthcare direction in the hereafter. I believe this will farther broaden my skyline in appreciating healthcare bringing and direction rules. I am a steadfast advocate of the fact that the face of nursing with regard to healthcare bringing is altering and so as a progressive individual I must alter and accommodate consequently. with peculiar accent on our ability to use and poll multi-disciplinary action that works towards relieving the health care concerns of the people we serve on a day-to-day footing.

The Clinical Nursing Leader plan is the exact avenue I am seeking. being that it touches on what I believe are the points upon which the current pattern of nursing should near in this ever-diversifying universe. I believe that the accent on using all sectors of the general society working manus in manus with today’s cognition and skill-wielding is the way that our current health care pattern must fierily prosecute and I believe that it is a way that is bound to bring forth positive consequences. ( I think you should re-word this paragraph )

I believe in the construct of better attention and attending for special-needs persons. and therefore a Masters grade in the Clinical Nursing Leader class will put me on the way of guaranting that health care patterns are well-managed and that the attention that is extended to these brothers and sisters of ours are well-tailored to their demands. This advanced class and the effectual instruction manners offered by your academic establishment are certain to do my ends and aspirations as existent and concrete as life itself.

Deriving credence into the to the University of Maryland’s Nursing School. would give me the enabling environment I need to make my educational ends. but more significantly. it would supply me with the agencies to go on to give back to my community. a duty that I would be honored to take.


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