Obesity represents a risk factor for all life’s stages

Obesity represents a risk factor for all life’s stages. It has been shown that maternal obesity, in addition to raising the risk of pregnancy complications, can have a negative impact on the newborn’s health. The Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) approach supposes that exposure to certain environmental factors during early life and development may have an impact on individual’s health in childhood and later life (Mandy ; Nyirenda, 2018). In other words, asthma may start in utero (Polinski, Liu, Boghossian, ; McLain, 2017).
A meta-analysis conducted by (Forno et al., 2014) concluded that high maternal BMI in pregnancy or excessive maternal gestational weight gain were correlated with increased high risk of childhood asthma. Interestingly, this can occur even for mothers without a history of asthma antecedent. Mannino et al. (Year of research), In a cohort of 4400newborns, showed that a high BMI at the age of 2 years among non-asthmatic children represents a significant risk factor for developing asthma during childhood for boys (Deschildre, Pin, Gueorguieva, ; De Blic, 2009)


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