Oceans of Sand Essay

So it began, another day of my dreadful life, rejected by nations all over the conniving planet of Mars, even my home nation of Germutania banished me for believing that God is nothing but an evil, unforgiving s.o.b. Everyone hates me, no matter where I go, people boo me, and even spit at me, and always will. I am self-taught in every way, no family except my beloved hamster Dr. Drake Remoray Jr.

Today is the day of my court trial, once again about my beliefs of religion and god. It’ll be in the international court of Tecsas, Amerika. After this nightmare of a trial, I could end out banished completely from Mars, and sent to Earth, the rejected planet.

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It’s bad enough being banished from fifteen countries world wide, but the only I can go from here is down the “green mile” or down to earth, o.k, so everything on Mars is named after earth-like things, but still, Mars is a better place by far. Who would of thought that someone could have so much bad luck to have their court trial only two weeks after the death sentence was brought back. I shivered as I thought about it more.

I went outside to find that a letter had been delivered to my doorstep. To my horror, it was a letter from the General Court of Amerika on Mars. It read;







Today* will be the day of your court trial at the General Court of Amerika on Mars. The penalties have been changed to the following;

* Maximum sentence; Death

* Minimum sentence; Banishment from Amerika to Ikraine.

This was decided earlier this week between President Minton, King Egbert of Enkland and Queen Glenda XIX of Ikraine. We will see you in court with your lawyer Jim Stuart.

President Minton

P.S *Applies if received on the 23rd Desember 2042

“WHOOA!” I said to myself. As I completed reading this it set off a microsm in my head of what this nightmare could end out like. It was as if there was a huge catzenjammer in my head whenever I even had a glimpse of the vision of the trial. I’ve never won a trial, partly because of me never being able to have a descent lawyer, Jim was the only lawyer that would work for me, and I appreciate that, but he’s just a lawyer that tries to get by on some things that are total rubbish! There was a cold feeling inside me, the pain of the court was coming to me.

Chapter 2; The Court Day

I walked into the massive dome that was The General Court of Amerika on Mars, and not such a great sight…Jim was standing by the defendant’s bench also known also my deathbed.

“Hi Drake” Jim spoke as I walked closer to him.

“Jim” I sounded like a depressed teenager…

“What’s the matter?” Jim said ‘Oh My God!’ I thought.

“WHAT’S THE MATTER!?!?!” I yelled, anger rippling through my blood.

“Alright, Alright, calm down calm down” he tried his pathetic imitation of a scousa. That was certainly not enough to cheer me up on a day like this.

” Judge Gumble today.” He told me as my spirit sunk so low that I was like a deprived hobo, probably even lower than that.

By now, the court was full, my life on the line, I just stood there, shivering.

“Sit!” Judge Gumble commanded, everyone sat like normal, but I felt as if I were sitting into an electric chair. I was the only one that had the jury staring at me every second every minute, hour even. This trial continues to get on my nerves.

“Will the defence please rise and begin.” Judge Gumble quoted in an aggressive way. Jim rose and spoke

“I call first to the bench, one Dr. Drake Remoray.” I walked up to the defendant’s bench and sat.

“Do you think that your beliefs in god are so called ‘evil’?” Jim asked me, and seriously, what was he expecting me to say to them all, yes, of cause punish me, err… no!

“No way! They are perfectly fine. A man should be aloud to or believe what ever they want.”

“Yes, but they are to keep them to them selves.” Gumble argued with me, so I argued back,

“I hardly expressed them, it’s not like I ran around the street with a big banner, shouting ‘God is an unforgiving s.o.b is it. All I did was tell a barman about my beliefs, he shouted it out to everyone, they barred me, and then told the police about, this is stupid really.”

“Listen, I want to get out of here quick so, what do the jury think?” Gumble was starting to p**s me off. Everyone went for a five-minute break. Jim started to talk to me,

“I think we’ll be fine…”

“We’ll have to see.” I just sat there; my head was so full up with anger, self-pity and my concentration on the current position in court. The five minutes soon went and the jury were soon filling in to the jury box and gave their opinion on my innocence.

“We find the defendant…”my heart was beating faster than ever before “Guilty!” My heart completely dropped, my head sunk like a teenager, and I was on the verge of completely going insane. The trial was rigged as far as I was concerned. It was just a matter of time before they said I was guilty, I just couldn’t win. Everyone stood and I was taken out of the courtroom, and escorted to the space centre, and I saw the shuttle, it hit me, I’m going to Earth……

Chapter 3; Earth

As we landed, I realised this was Texas, Earth.

The planet was completely ruined, trashed; I wondered whether humans just like they have with earth would soon ruin mars. Were will they move with their best and brightest.

“Hey, Drake… this is a private message, not to be shown to anyone but yourself.” A mysterious looking man approached me, and inserted a letter in my hand then, at the sight of the police, he started to run, they chased him, and I put the letter away, so the police didn’t confiscate it.

“Taxi!” I yelled. A pink taxi came over to me and stopped by the pavement.

“Where you goin’!” He said as I climbed into the car***

1 Hour Later.

I had arrived at the train station in Texas. I got out of the taxi and as he asked for the money I ran into an alley, then deciding that I should read the letter.

Gangreene gang,

Big Green house,

El Paso, Mexico.

Drake you are needed, come to the above address or lose a big opportunity.


Thinking about what they said, I sprinted into the train station, and straight to the ticket booth,

“Single to El Paso” I asked.

“Here you go, that will be �5.50 please.” The assistant put out his hand. I decided to use the ten pounds that the Mars Government gave me for the taxi.

“Thank you” The assistant almost smiled, and then decided he was too sad. I walked on to the platform only to find the train was already there. I sprinted, and only a split second after I had dived onto the train, the door slammed shut. I sat down beside a very attractive lady.

“Hi, what’s your name?” The beautiful lady looked at me in the face and I thought that she was the girl for me…

“Drake” I really tried to sound like a tough man, I think I failed, but there’s always hope. “What’s yours?”

“Luana.” She replied

“What a beautiful name.” She blushed as I tried to charm her,

“Thank you” She looked at me “Why are you here? Most people are only here because they are mean, but you don’t look mean.”

“I was banished from Mars for my beliefs in god.” I was a little bit embarrassed talking about it to a lady like her

“That’s… Interesting. I’m only here because I’m an astronomer and it is easier to be one on Earth.” As she talked I tried to make my face look as if I’m interested, even though I really didn’t care.

“Well” I was interrupted buy a bump in the train ride.

“WHOOOAAA!!!!” Everyone (sixteen people) screamed as the train began to rock from side to side, more and more so every time until all of a sudden,

‘BANG!!!!!’ the train de-railed, and the look on everyone’s face was of great horror. The train smashed onto its side and BANG! I smashed onto the side of the train with great velocity, and believe me it hurt!! I managed to crawl to the door and get out, only to see 4 passengers and the train driver standing outside. Not many considering that there was sixteen passengers. We decided to search around the train for any other survivors, food or drink left on the train, then meet at the front of the train later.

After pretty unsuccessful searches, finding no people, no food and only 6 bottles of water, we decided to get to know each other.

“Hi! I’m Patwick!” A man with an Afro, goofy teeth and a comical voice approached me

“Hi! My name’s Drake.” I tried to keep conversation short.

“Have you met my friend” I was amazed that he had a friend “he’s the twain dwiver, Eddy?” He questioned me as another buck-toothed idiot approached me; at no surprise to me he was simple.

“I’m a twain dwiver, isn’t dat sumfin!” I didn’t know what to say, so I turned away and spoke to a lady,

“Hi, I’m Drake Remoray, what’s your name?”

“I’m Charlotte. I’m here because I needed to escape from Mars due to my ex-husband becoming a mass murderer, and I was on he top of his list as soon as he got the divorce papers I sent him.” She began to cry.

“Don’t worry” I tried to boost her self-confidence but she ran off, gaining more speed as she went on, still crying.

“Hi, I’m Jodie” A woman that was dressed like a prostitute approached, I thought to myself, ‘I reckon she’s been around the block’.

“I’m Drake.” I showed very little interest in her, unlike her who showed a great interest in me, it was disturbing to tell the truth.

“This desert is so bad for my hair. Anyway, I just want to get to my modelling studio in El Paso, so let’s make this short.” She spoke as if I wanted to have a big conversation.

That left only one person that I didn’t know, and he was a bit different from the rest, because he was dressed up in a carrot costume. I thought to myself, what a weirdo!

“What’s with the crazy costume, are you going to a fancy dress party or something?” I asked him with a bewildered look on my face.

“Ohhhh!!! Yeah, that let me explain… I’m the mascot of the El Paso baseball team, I’m not just some lunatic like that Patrick or Eddy.” Thank god he wasn’t like Patrick or eddy, I wouldn’t be able to cope with them. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to cope with those two for so long.

“My name’s Drake” I sighed, “I was banished from Mars for my beliefs in God.”

“I’m Tommy, but the El Paso baseball fans like to call me Chris Carrot.”

After we had all finished socialising, we started to walk in the direction of El Paso, in front of us; there was just sand, the moon and the stars. I thought we would never even give it a go…

Chapter 4; Oceans of Sand.

Was there any point in us doing this, it will take us forever to get there, surely, as it was already getting dark, and we’ve only been walking for five or ten minutes, all we’ve seen is sand and the moon. We continue to walk on, just shifting through more and more sand, moving through trillions of sand grains, only six bottles of water between seven people, not even a bottle each. Even though the nigh was here, no body cared, they just wanted to get to civilization again, everyone just wanted to walk to El Paso. Nobody even talked, for the sake of using up the little energy that we had, except Eddy of course.

“Are we dere yet?!” He kept asking in his crazy voice.

“NO!” Everyone shouted at him, how he managed to become a train driver I didn’t know, because he was as thick as a plank! His IQ must be lower than a donkey!

The sun came up over the horizon, and I couldn’t keep on going, I just collapsed, I needed some energy.

“We have to sleep!” I said, as everyone turned around, Luana said

“I agree, we’ve been walking for eight hours non stop, I can’t take any more, we need to rest for today, then continue tomorrow.” She went on “This is the desert, this is hurt, and this is hell!”

“Alright, enough with the poetry already! Let’s just sleep!” Jodie screamed, no one argued with her, so we just slept.

Day 2

I woke at roughly 11:00 am, but everyone else was still sleeping, except for Luana, who was sitting on her own, crying to herself. I went over to her, and put my arm around her, she leaned on me,

“What’s the matter?” I asked

“What do you think? I’m stuck in the Desert, having failed to raise a family, and I’m probably going to die!” She started to cry even more.

“I promise you, every thing is going to be alright.” She looked at me, and smiled.

As soon as everyone woke, we agreed that we need to move on further than ever, and that we would walk from 7:00 am until 10:00pm and sleep from 10:00pm until 7:00 am. After this talk, we walk on…

For two weeks we walked on and on, nothing happened, nobody talked so we wouldn’t use up the little energy we had left. The only thing that would happen was the occasional hug between people purely to raise their spirits without wasting much energy, it was the easiest thing to do, so that’s what we did.

Week 2; Day 2; Night time.

The water supplies were rapidly lowering, we only had two bottles left, and no one knew how much further we had to go.

“How much further do you think it is Drake?” Luana asked me, but it had been so long, it seemed strange to talk.

“I don’t know, it won’t be long now, I hope.” I replied

“I hope so too.” Her head fell even lower.

“It’ll be alright…”Maybe I lied. I put my arms around her. She looked at me, and then kissed me ‘WOW!’ I thought to myself ‘that was nice’.

“What was that for?” I sounded more relaxed.

“You’re so cute…and you’ve always been there for me.” She held me even closer.

“You think?”

“Of course!” She kissed me again.

“Well, goodnight…” I kissed her goodnight.


Week 2; Day 5; Midday

There was only three quarters of a bottle of water left. The love between Luana and I had grown incredibly over the last three days, barely five minutes went without us kissing like two newly weds. I’m not complaining about it though I loved it, but more, I loved her.

“Smooch!” We lip locked for about two minutes non-stop, it was just amazing, like her,

“Cut it out you two, your making want to vomit! You’ve been at it for three days non-stop, give it a rest!” Charlotte screamed at us

“I guess we should.” I laughed at how childish we were being, we wouldn’t let go of each other, as if we were two teenagers after their first ever kiss.


The sand made a constant shifting noise as I walked through it, the sound was becoming incredibly annoying, because it was so familiar, for two weeks I had been listening to that constant noise.

“I hate this s**t!” I shouted

“Don’t worry, I’m here for you.” Luana hugged me as she came over to help me.

“I’m just getting angry because of no sleep.” I explained “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, I am getting angry too.” Her face went dark red with anger, it was beginning to show in her eyes. “All we’ve done for the last three weeks is walk and walk. We haven’t had any food and hardly any drink.” She needed some food, and a beer.

10:00pm; Laying, ready to sleep.

“I hope we get there soon…” Luana sighed ” As soon as we get there I am going to eat until I burst.” She chuckled.

“I’ve got a feeling about tomorrow, I believe that we are going to get there, and we are going to an ‘all you can eat’ restaurant.” I smiled just thinking about it, I couldn’t wait for it, was like the gates to El Paso had replaced the gates to heaven.

“I hope so… I really do.” She closed her eyes, and slept. I sat for a little while thinking about the future, mainly about me and Luana, or El paso and the food within its town.

Week 2; Day 6; Morning.

We woke. I looked around, and something was missing, then I soon realised, it was everyone else. I had been left on my own, I felt this strange, even Luana had gone with them.

“Damn it!” I shouted to myself. After thinking for a minute, I had a burst of adrenaline, and I actually managed to run, well, jog at least. I kept running and running until I saw people in the distance, and Luana, being forced to go with them, by Eddy and his stupid friend Patrick. I sprinted to them, and they tried to go faster but didn’t have the energy. I caught them and immediately grabbed Eddy and,

“Whack!” I smacked him right in the jaw. He fell down and I turned to Patrick. I walloped him in the nose, his enormous nose. Eddy stumbled to his feet and rugby tackled me. I was hurt, and I grabbed my stomach, I was angry, it was certainly not the time to “mess” with me. ‘Smack!!’ I Patrick hit me in the face. ‘Bang!’ I kicked him in the nuts, which soon shut him up. He was rolling on the floor holding his googlies, screaming in pain. That left only me against Eddy. We stood there, looking into each other eyes, circling. We started a fistfight, bang, smack we used up all the energy we had left, then I jumped on him. I was on top of him, punching the daylights out of his face. I carried on till he was begging me for mercy. With Patrick and Eddy both on the floor, Eddy almost dead, I ran over to Luana, and hugged her. The others went over to Eddy and Patrick, and attended to them. I put Luana in a fireman carry position and ran off towards El Paso.

After thirty minutes of running and giggling, I decided to stop and take a “breather”. We continued by walking slower, and gaining my energy back.

Just after this, it happened, the dream had become reality. I saw it… . EL PASO!!!

“YES!” We both shouted as loud as we could, we had made it, we were so happy, it was the greatest day of our lives.

“You said that you had a feeling about this day, you were right, we made it” When she finished speaking she hugged me as hard as she could. This was the end, or at least I believed it to be so.


How life went on for me (and Luana).

We ate like pigs for almost three weeks; we ate as much as we would have in the three weeks in the first night. Two months after we reached El Paso, Luana and I got married, it wasn’t a big wedding because most of Luana’s family lived on Mars, and I simply had no family. Yep you guessed it, seven months after that Luana gave birth to a baby boy, then a baby girl, then another baby boy. Their names are Tom, Susan and we couldn’t resist calling one Patrick. Yes, I know what you’re thinking; I went to see the “Gangreene Gang.” And they just wanted to offer me a job in their company, I was expecting to be threatened for something or other, but the letter was just to help them recruit anyone that they can because it was a new company when I arrived on Earth.

Well now I’m on top of the world, I’ve got a wonderful new family, a great house, plenty of friends and loads of money… �60,000 a year, So much better than no family, a beaten up shack, no finds and no money. I was glad that I was sent back to Earth, and that the train crashed, I took like a test from God, and I passed, so he rewarded me. Oh yes, I forgot to say, I believe in God, and I love him.


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