Odysseus is not a Hero Sample Essay

A hero is “a adult male noted for his particular achievements” harmonizing to the dictionary. but if you ask most people what a hero is. you will acquire the same general response.

They will likely state “someone who does something for other people out of the goodness of his bosom. ” Odysseus. who is the chief character of the book “The Odyssey” written by Homer. would suit the dictionary?s definition of a hero ; but if you go deeper.

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looking at what people feel a hero is. he doesn?t even come near. In the book. Odysseus does nil out of the goodness of his bosom. Even if Odysseus fought in the Trojan War.

he is non a hero because he is egoistic and nescient to other people?s values and demands.There are multiple illustrations of Odysseus being egoistic. such as non taking people?s advice.

Odysseus was given advice from Circe that said non to seek to contend Scylla even when she takes six of your work forces. but Odysseus tried to contend her and he lost three more work forces than the six he already lost. He besides neglected to take the advice from his crew member. Eurylochus. Eurylochus told Odysseus non to direct work forces to see what was on Circe?s island and because he sent them anyway. they ended up being turned into hogs.

Odysseus besides neglects other people?s lives when he takes action ; such as when he tried to contend Scylla after purely being told non to. Because of this nescient action. he lost three more work forces on top of the other six. He besides sacrificed work forces when he waited at the Cyclops? place for “gifts. ” Odysseus was really egoistic where existent heroes are non.Odysseus besides lacks the portion of the hero profile which includes holding a good bosom.

Odysseus decidedly does non hold this because he kills people without giving them a opportunity. Odysseus killed every one of the suers in cold blood when most of them didn?t perpetrate a offense suitable for the decease punishment. He besides killed all of the amahs who were raped by the suers as if the had a pick in the affair. Odysseus besides doesn?t attention about his crew members. When Elpenor fell off the roof at Circe?s house.

Odysseus didn?t even bother to bury him. He doesn?t support up for his crew members either. At the Cyclops’ house he didn?t attempt to support his crew members who ended up being killed and eaten.

Bing cold-hearted decidedly is non a feature of a hero.Bing disloyal is non characteristic of a hero. but Odysseus was. While he was on his journey.

Odysseus had personal businesss with other adult females. When he stayed at Calypso?s Island. he had multiple brushs with her despite his matrimony to Penelope. He besides had multiple brushs with Circe when he stayed at her island for a year?s clip.

While Odysseus was being unpatriotic. his married woman. Penelope. stayed wholly loyal despite the suers pressing her manus in matrimony.

She still stayed loyal even when Odysseus was thought to be dead. Therefore. Odysseus had no ground to be unpatriotic to his loving married woman. Disloyalty certainly doesn?t belong on a hero?s record.Although a war hero. Odysseus is non a hero in other respects. This is so because he is egoistic which is clear because he doesn?t value other people?s lives.

He besides is cold-hearted which is proved by his improper violent death and his deficiency of support for his crew members. As good. he lacks the trueness of a true hero as shown by his personal businesss with other adult females even though his married woman remained faithful. A hero is person who does something for other people out of the goodness of his bosom. Odysseus clearly is non this.


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