Different people and discrimination Essay

Of Mice and Men of Mice and Men” is a book about loneliness and there are many symbols that represent it, for instance the bunk house and the Crook being separated form the other men, a symbol of isolation because to loneliness because since Crook is black and no one is allowed to enter to Crooks room and if you think about it Steinbeck has a variety of people of different shape, size, and gender making his own little world of different people and discrimination. In this book there are many symbols and all refer to loneliness in a way.

To begin with, the bunk house represents almost everyone in the bunk house discrimination, sexist, racist, and loneliness. To begin with, Crook, Candy, Candy dog is one perfect example of racist and loneliness. For example, Crook is black and back then people were racist against black people so Crook was lonely and didn’t trust people also Candy and Candy dog , Candy regrets not killing the dog himself and he and his dog are so old they are now useless, while Carlson wanted to kill the dog for being old and useless. Next, Curlers wife is another one in the bunkhouse.

In fact, while reading people may ask why doesn’t she have a name instead of Curlers wife? Curlers wife always seeks attention in the end while seeking attention cause her death by Leonie. Then, Leonie, George, Curler, AND Slim are all about size and who gets power. Yet, George and Curler are short while Slim and Leonie are tall normally the tallest gets power but George takes charge of Leonie, while Curler thinking that he is in charge because he is the bosses son when Leonie crushes his hand making Curlers crushed hand a symbol of loss in power.

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Finally, he bunkhouse is filled of many people of different sizes, shape, race, and gender almost like Steinbeck own little world full of people and the bunk house is the significance of it this symbol. In the end the bunk house is an important symbol in the novel of of Mice and Men” cause they represent the theme of loneliness. Like George always told Leonie the difference between them and the men at the bunk house was that they were the loneliest people awhile they got each other. That is what the bunk house represents in the story Of Mice and Men. “


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