Of Mice and Men Essay

John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is a affecting narrative of the friendly relationship between two men–set against the background of the United States during the depression of the 1930s. Subtle in its word picture. the book addresses the existent hopes and dreams of working-class America. Steinbeck’s short novel raises the lives of the hapless and dispossessed to a higher. symbolic degree. Its powerful stoping is climactic and flooring to the extreme. But. we besides come to an apprehension of the calamity of life. Regardless of the agonies of those who live it. life goes on. 9 out of 10

Content and account of why you chose this text or your AOS The fresh focal points on two supporters. Lenny and George. They are running off from a spread because Lenny being simple minded can non grok things gets into problem. Lenny is really large. dopey and soft but on the other manus George is bantam. smart and is the leader. They start from abrasion and hunt for more work. They get to another spread and get down their new occupations. They start salvaging and seek maintaining out of problem. Lenny on the other manus being the simple minded one is ever found to be in the incorrect topographic point at the incorrect clip.

Lennie does something awful and the work forces from the spread blow up and travel after him. George being his best and merely friend has to hit him. This was the lone manner George could maintain Lennie safe from all agencies of danger. I chose this text because it shows different types of altering position. This is shown through the supporter George and his spouse Lennie. Lennie is an unordinary character who is described as a adult adult male with a infantile head. George on the other manus knows how to interact and demo all agencies of how to be normal. George through the fresh realises that Lennie merely doesn’t tantrum in.

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He ever touching and feeling things. This gets him in problem more than one time. At the start of the drama George treats him like his female parent. by demoing that he takes attention of him. Through the film Lennie gets aggressive and George stairss in moving as the male parent and stops Lennie. By the terminal of the George is recognised as Lennie’s maestro and ends his life. for he’s understands from the beginning to the terminal. that the lone manner to look after Lennie was to kill him. The lone manner to protect Lennie was to stop his life and it was besides appointed to George to make it.

Analysis of Textual characteristics: ‘Of mice and men’ altering positions through his supporter George has with Lennie. He does this through the techniques of word picture. imagination and enunciation. Steinbeck demonstrates word picture through the supporter George. He demonstrates this through his relationship with Lennie. “Lennie’s lip quivered and cryings started in his eyes. “Aw. Lennie! ” George put his manus on Lennie’s shoulder. “I aint it off merely for beastliness. ” This shows that George still treats Lennie like his female parent.

In the center of fresh Lennie starts to acquire violent. “George slapped him in the face once more and once more. and still Lennie held on to the closed fist. ” This is demoing that George has to utilize force to Lennie in order for him to halt. At this clip George is moving as if he is the male parent of Lennie. By the terminal George relationship between Lennie has wholly changed. “ And George raised the gun and steadied it and he brought the muzzle of it close to the dorsum of Lennie’s caput. The manus shook violently. but his one set and his manus steadied. He pulled the trigger. This demonstrates a immense alteration in relation with George and Lennie. This shows that George had wholly changed his position on Lenny and it viewed Lennie as being Georges maestro when stoping his life. Steinbeck uses Imagery to demo the relation between George and Lennie. An illustration would be when George is stoping Lennie’s life. “and George raised the gun and steadied it he brought the muzzle of it close to the dorsum of Lennie’s caput. The manus shook violently. but his one set and his injury steadied. He pulled the trigger ; the clang of the shooting rolled up the hills and rolled down once more.

Lennie Jarred. and settle easy frontward to the and laid without quaking. ” This shows a batch of description on how George ended Lennie. Steinbeck shows enunciation through Lennie and George “Lennie’s lip quivered and cryings started in his eyes. “Aw. Lennie! ” George put his manus on Lennie’s shoulder. “I aint it off merely for beastliness. ” This is showing that Lennie is still treated like a kid or pamper even though they don’t use those words. They use imagery to depict that he is a child even though he is a full grown adult male. What the text conveys about the Area of survey:

For alteration to be of any efficaciousness ( effectiveness/worthwhile ) . it must be made without irresistible impulse and accepted without opposition. This demonstrates that George is forced to alter his position of Lennie because Lennie is unable to alter himself to suit into society – hence George’s alteration is negative because he was forced to move against his better judgement. In the debut George and Lennie were on the tally because Lennie had harassed a adult female by experiencing her frock. George sticks with Lennie even though he says. “you maintain me in hot H2O all the clip. George still shows kindness and feels for him. In the center of the fresh Lennie gets into problem once more but alternatively of George being sort and gentle. George starts acquiring aggressive towards Lennie. Towards the terminal of the fresh Lennie breaks the cervix of Curly’s married woman and the whole spread blows up. George understands that he can non maintain running with Lennie because he realises that this will ever go on – he will ever be “in hot water” . Alternatively of George running off from the rabble with Lennie and ever being by his side. he looks towards the hereafter and realises that this has stop.

This clip alternatively of running off with Lennie ( like at the start ) he performs an act of ‘mercy’ . to both Lennie and himself. by hiting him. George was forced to alter even though he didn’t want to and therefore it was a negative result. George and lennie are parallel with confect and his Canis familiaris. Candy and his Canis familiaris are symbolic to George and Lennie because confect demonstrates how long they’ve been together. An illustration. “I been around him so much I ne’er notice how much he stinks. ” This can be an illustration of George and Lennie. George has been with Lennie for that long he has hasn’t realised that Lennie is simple minded and is socially unacceptable.

This besides symbolic to George and lennie. “Look. Candy. This ol’ Canis familiaris jus’ suffers himself. all the clip. If you was to take him out and hit him right in the dorsum of the head—” he leaned over and pointed. “—right at that place. why he’d ne’er know what hit him. ” This demonstrates that the old Canis familiaris needs to be put down because its merely excessively old and ill. This is symbolic to Lennie because it shows that he is excessively simple minded and that he isn’t socially accepted. Completing. Curley tells George. “I ought to of shooting that dog myself. George. I shouldn’t ought to of allow no alien hit my Canis familiaris. This shows that Curley should of hit his Canis familiaris.

Has been with it for old ages and it was his duty. This is symbolic to George because he has been with Lennie for old ages and he understands that he has to complete him off. In decision. alteration must be made without irresistible impulse and accepted without opposition. This shows that George needed to alter if there was of all time traveling to be a clip where he wasn’t about maintaining out of problem or running from spread to ranch. If he had non realised this his life would be continue to reiterate itself. He would be traveling ranch to ranch.


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