Older Adult Case Study Jennifer Britto NUT 3050- Concepts of Lifestyle Nutrition Professor Brigitte Smit Nutrition 3050 – Older Adults Determine the estimated calorie requirements

Older Adult Case Study
Jennifer Britto
NUT 3050- Concepts of Lifestyle Nutrition
Professor Brigitte Smit
Nutrition 3050 – Older Adults
Determine the estimated calorie requirements (for weight maintenance) for John, a 78-year-old male, who weighs 146#, is 5’11”, and is considered sedentary. Show your work! (2 points)
(10 x Weight/kg) + (6.25 x Height/cm) – (5 x age/Y) + 5 =
(10 x 66.2) + (6.25 x 180.3) – (5 x 78) + 5 = 662.245 + 973.455 – 390 =
Answer = 1245.7 Calories per Day
2.Does John need to gain or lose weight? How does this change his estimated calorie requirements (provide new calorie recommendation)? (2 points)
John needs to gain weight. Normal aging development is related to fluctuations in the physiological systems and might somewhat describe his functional and physical deterioration. As age rises, the number of calories necessary drops for average older adults but, with John’s specific weight position being chronically underweight his assessed calorie necessities would alter differently than an older adult of normal condition. Also, John’s assessed calorie requirements would change to add high calorie, protein rich foods and fats as oils.
Determine John’s estimated protein requirements. Also, John has difficulty chewing due to missing many teeth, so he avoids eating many types of meats. What suggestions do you have to help him consume an adequate amount of protein? (3 points)
Weight/pounds x 0.45 = 66.2 kg
66.2 x 1.3 = 86.06 grams of protein required per day
Daily calorie intake 1245.7 x 0.15 = 187 per John’s calories would come from protein
John should puree his meats to take advantage of the protein and other nutrients. Add pureed meat including chicken, beef to different soup recipes or mixing hem with small soft rice or pasta. Other soft protein foods include cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, yogurt and low-fat milk.

4.Determine John’s estimated fluid requirements. Show your work! (2 points)
As you get older there is an increased risk for dehydration and it is important to keep the fluid requirements needed. 1 mL of the fluid/kcal consumed of a min. of 1500 mL.

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125- oz. (3.7 Liters/Per Day)
5.John’s usual food intake is as follows: coffee, pastry, tuna salad on white bread, cola, potato chips, canned beans, hot dogs, coffee, and pie.
Provide 5 suggestions to help him reduce his risk for chronic disease using dietary modifications? (5 points)
John must elude processed foods. This also includes staying away from fried foods including white breads, potato chips, canned meat and hot dogs. He should trade these foods for more fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. Plant based foods are a great natural way to aid in combating heart disease. Also, John should avoid using high fats in monosaturated or polyunsaturated fats including olive oil, peanut oil and canola oil. John can add more fish into his diet. Fish is an excellent source of protein and extra nutrients. This can include tuna, mackerel and salmon which are rich in omega 3-fatty acids, which helps to reduce risk of heart disease.
6. Create a sample 1 day sample menu that meets John’s calorie and nutrient
requirements. (6 points)
Breakfast- scrambled eggs, tomato, toast and black coffee. Lunch would be a soft tuna sandwich with vegetables. Dinner is salmon patty, vegetables, and mulberry bread and fruit plate. Throughout his meals black coffee, water, or a low calorie juice would be great for his fluids.


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