One Issue, Three Pens Essay

A lading ship hit the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and spilled oil into the H2O. This is merely one issue that holds specific information yet three different positions of the incident emerged from assorted popular newspapers. Be it knowing or non. the authors of these articles can illicit different perceptual experiences and judgement from their readers in the mode that they penned their narratives. Media is really powerful because it can determine the perceptual experiences of people who are audience to it.

Any incident. no affair how specific its facts can be. is easy to falsify to conform to or declare sentiments that can determine the positions of the populace. Events such as the one mentioned above are of import non merely because of its direct effects on the lives of the people in the community but besides because of the “reactions they provoke. ” ( Starr 233 ) Media. particularly the written signifier. can pull strings the intelligence by the manner newsmans reveal the facts to acquire the response desired by certain people. The articles published on the New York Times.

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San Diego Tribune and L. A. Times carried different positions on the issue making assorted reactions from its readers who form public sentiment.The authors of the New York Times article. seems to convey a deficiency of sincere concern for the issue. The write-up was non merely shorter but besides careless in two degrees of significance. First. there were many typographical mistakes in the article because of missive capitalisation and sentence building plus the usage of incorrect facts.

The editors and authors did non capitalise the words “bridge” which was connected to the name of Golden Gate and “company” which was portion of the rubric of Hand Jin Shipping. These people besides failed to set a comma to divide the common noun from the proper noun when they introduced the “nonprofit environmental group. ” Salvage the Bay.The description of the boat’s wing as “woodlike plastic” is besides excessively equivocal to understand the existent impact of the hit.

The article besides said that the ship. Cosco Busan. was from a South Korean company. Han Jin Shipping.

while the San Diego Tribune reported that it was portion of the Chinese government-owned China Ocean Shipping ( Group ) Co. The study of the San Diego Tribune sing the ship’s ownership had more credibleness because the term. “Cosco.

” is the initials of the Chinese company. The authors of the New York Times evidently failed to verify their facts. On the other manus.

the article was right in its measure of dead birds compared to the San Diego Tribune study.Second. these mistakes do non merely project carelessness but besides show the deficiency of concern sing the issue. The authors used a story-like manner in leaving the information they collected which cloaks the urgency of the state of affairs. Phrases like “the peeking blow. ” “hit a nervus. ” and “belt of sludge.

” ( Barringer and Marshall 2007 ) are descriptive ways that are common to fictional plants compared to intelligence coverage wherein writers need to province the facts as objectively and stark as possible. The article was besides in the past tense. back uping the artistic alternatively of factual release of information.The authors of the New York Times may non hold been really concerned about the issue but may besides hold been seeking to understate public reaction. Whatever their motivations were to bring forth the article. the readers were non enticed to concentrate their energies towards responding to the oil job.

The L. A. Times article was a complete contrast to the New York Tribune write-up because of its sense of urgency. The readers get the feel of being in the state of affairs as if it was described in a mode more kindred to telecasting field coverage. By get downing the article with the phrase “Crews were rushing.

” the author already picks up his reader’s wonder and energy in making a pressure image. ( Bailey 2007 ) Uncovering that the Coast Guard ab initio estimated the fuel leak as an undistinguished 140 gallons at first before they realized that it really summed up to about 60. 000 gallons adds force per unit area to the issue. The citations from interviews besides emphasize the importance of the state of affairs.

Citations like “this is a important event… one we’re really concerned about” ( Bailey ) supported the reigning tenseness provided by the intelligence. The newsman besides showed better disposition in acquiring more positions of of import people by including their places and inquiries in the article. It included the perceptual experiences and scrutinies of cardinal individuals such as Steve Edinger. helper head for the California Department of Fish and Game. Melissa Hauck of the U. S. Coast Guard and Senator Barbara Boxer ( D-Calif. ) .

This enterprise to acquire citations from these people non merely supports the sense of urgency but besides clearly shows the effort to acquire more facts out of the state of affairs.The research done by the author is besides apparent because of the facts he revealed. He non merely indicated the concrete Parkss and beaches contaminated by the oil but besides put a specific figure ( 13 ) as to the group of bureaus making the swab up. The description of the chemical that spilled provides grounds of good fact-finding as good.One thing that distinguishes this article from the other two analyzed is that it provided more information sing the predicament of the environment that is affected. The measurings of gathered oil in gallons and three-dimensional paces give the reader an image of how much harm it has brought upon the Waterss. The account on how oil on the plumes of the sea birds can really endanger their endurance paints a really graphic image of how lay waste toing the oil spill is to its home ground.The author of the L.

A. Times article shows his disposition for a better environment as in his input about the birds. The write-up evokes an emotional response. This could take the public into organizing an sentiment that could force people to convey more aid in work outing the job. It besides creates in its readers a sense of urgency to make something about the oil spill or the predicament of the environment alternatively of simply watching things from the out of boundss.

The article from the San Diego Tribune showed more balance in its attack in presenting the intelligence about the oil spill. The articles from the L. A. Times and New York Times gave the feeling that the state of affairs was unwieldy. However. a statement from Coast Guard Capt.

William Uberti. captain of the Port of San Francisco. reveals that the job may be sculpt but non without solutions.The citations coming from his interview explained how little the incident really was to other oil spills of greater magnitude in the yesteryear and that the incident is merely important because of its mention to the country concerned. However. his statement. “a sheen with little small globules – something that’s non excessively hard to clean up.

” ( Lindlaw 2007 ) gives the reader a alleviation from the tenseness that one would experience if he were merely reading about the great annihilating effects of the oil spill.Another effort to stamp down the tenseness of the event shows in an interview with Barry McFarley. the incident commanding officer of the private recovery house the O’Brien Group. which was heading the response.

The author published the verbal public apology that McFarley gave in behalf of the ship’s proprietor. This interview was non included in the other two articles but is really effectual in decreasing a public tumult sing the incident.There was. nevertheless. incompatibility in the fact that the author reported sing the figure of birds that survived the ordeal.

The two other articles said that six birds were dead but in the San Diego write-up. six birds that survived. This may hold been carelessness at work but in intelligence coverage. such mistakes deny the public entree the truth. The three articles reviewed go around around merely one issue – an oil spill that has a great impact on its environment.

However. the different attacks of describing the facts can determine the perceptual experience of the populace.Since the New York Times article can be casual about the issue. there is a possibility that its readers will non be provoked to react physically to assist repair the oil spill or forestall it from go oning once more.

The L. A. Times’ study. nevertheless. pushes the populace to respond and make its portion in taking attention of the environment.

The San Diego Tribune article allows the populace to glance at the different angles of the oil spill that could propose a more intelligent manner of looking at the job. As ___ has competently puts it. the “way which the universe is imagined determines at any peculiar minute what work forces will make. ” ( PO 25 )Plants CitedBailey. Eric. “About 58. 000 gallons of heavy fuel spilled.

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