One thing that I and nearly every teenager will do right after school is checking the Facebook account Essay

One thing that I and nearly every teenager will do right after school is checking the Facebook account. So today, I would like to discuss about one of my favourite pastimes – the Facebook.

I started using Facebook about 2 years ago. Finding and making friends online using social networking websites such as Facebook has become very popular. And Facebook is the most successful one with more than 750 million users around the world and it is still increasing. It is so successful and profitable that the company will be listed in the US Stock Exchange. A winning Hollywood film has also put its founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s story on the film.

So why is it so popular? It can enable us to keep in contact with friends and family and help us find our lost old friend, we can type his name and search him on this site. If you have common friends, the site would link all friends together and you may add new friends if you like. We can share ideas and exchange information at a very speedy way. This is a very wonderful way of knowing more friends and enhancing our social network.

This method of communication is so powerful and effective that it helped plentiful social movements around the world, like the famous Jasmine revolution in Tunisia last year, the Occupy Wall Street movement and many other group activities in Hong Kong and over the world. Many governments are skeptical on its usage. The ban of Facebook in China has made people in China become outrage and angry. One can imagine how important this website becomes.

For me, one major function of this social networking site is photo-sharing. With the common use of digital camera, we can simply upload our photos on Facebook. We discussed our latest updates such as exams and our common interest like books. The photo tagging function allows me to recognize my old friends. Isn’t it convenient? This enables me to know more about them by looking at their photos and showing care and concern to them.

My parents encourage me to check in on Facebook when I am out. This function helps them locate where I am and let parents know our safety. This feature also facilitates driving direction to the check-in points and is very convenient.

Event creation and information sharing can also help us save a lot of time in activity coordination and doing project with our classmates. A lot of school functions such as Christmas Ball, Parents Consultation Day, and voluntary work are informed to students using this event coordination. During holidays, I used this to organize hang outs and re-union parties with my friends.

However, people often criticize Facebook because of its security and privacy problem. We sometimes hear news on serious crimes resulting from people meeting their friends they meet on Facebook. Facebook can be very dangerous as other people may easily see our personal information. Knowing new friends on the internet can also be dangerous as it is very easy.

Nevertheless, we teenagers are becoming cleverer. If we are careful in accepting Facebook invitations and editing your privacy setting so that nobody except our friends can reach the pages of your photos and personal information, Facebook is still a very good platform for us to share your joyful moments with our friends and family.

Another concern is that Facebook makes our real-world social interaction diminish. You may have hundreds of friends on Facebook, but with how many of them would you be interacting out in the real world? If we always rely on this virtual social networking, you may not know how to communicate with each other face to face.

“Stop surfing the net, and do your homework now!” is what parents keep saying to their children nowadays. Parents, and probably teachers often argue that Face-book cause addictions to pull teenagers away from their studies.

With proper self control, we can make the best use of this website. I still consider it the best invention ever.


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