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Jesus Hernandez April 15, 2013 Composition 2 Online Shopping Is it time for retail stores to change the shopping experience? Well they must change to compete with internet sales. Consumers have increased their demand for self service. What effects will retail stores have do to online shopping? With today’s society more and more people have mobile and tablets that they can do their online shopping either at home or on the go.

Retail stores must offer online shopping to compete with everybody else. The price and convenience is a critical reason why one will choose to shop online.Tablets, Smartphones and computers offer lots of room for growth to online stores. Why should you shop online? You can have superior product information in seconds, and most online stores offer price comparisons and feedback on the product that they are looking to buy with reviews by other online shoppers. On the other hand stores like best buy and Wal-Mart are dependent on sales associates and there knowledge about the product. I know that not everybody knows everything about the product, sales associates may know what the product is but does not know about the usability and quality of the product.Shopping online also provides video about the products by real customers. Shopping online makes it very easy to compare prices and products with the basic price and compare feature that most websites have.

Social network reviews are rising and have become a critical component to convince people to buy online. Soon everybody will find it much easier to shop online at home anytime of the day. Buying online also has great product bundling to make it easier that physical bundling. Nobody want to waste countless hours shopping everywhere looking for products that can be obtain though online retail stores.Availability is the best feature that shopping online has because most products ship from the distribution center. It is so much easier for online stores to store their items versus stocking the item in a location in a retail establishment where customers can see the product. Being out of stock occurs more in retail stores than online, this will drive consumers away when they can’t get what they want.

Buying online is green there is no driving no wasteful trips to store. Customers are becoming more comfortable with self-service (online shopping).Retails stores will eventually go out of style and shopping online will be the new cool thing. Stores should be configured again to help and support their own online store.

Best way for a retail store to be more successful is to offer the online experience with great support and easy to use website. It will also help if retail stores increase the attractiveness of the store, they need to think outside the box and make sure people have fun while there are shopping. Retail stores are always going to around but know with the internet they will take advantage of it and make more profits.With online shoppers demanding, easier way to shop, retail store have no choice and have to find a way to keep their business alive. Even some restaurants have online purchasing for the people who want to see what they buy or don’t like interacting with people. My experience with online shopping has been great. The only items I purchase are electronics. Overall the effects of online shopping changes the way that people shop the business just have to keep trying to make their businesses more attractive.

Online shopping will force retail store to have online shopping with their store. Usually shipping is fast and cheap, less than gasoline.I believe that online shopping will continue to grow but will never take over retail shopping. Works Cited Begany, T. (2011, 7 28). is online shopping killing brick an mortar.

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The Future of Online Shopping: 10 Trends to Watch.


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