Operation Management Lean Production Essay

Operations Management Research Analysis Assignment # 3 Research Topic: Lean production in Jaguar Student Name: Madonna Yasser Student ID: 5411058Submission Date: 1. Introduction: This article is talking about the lean production application in Jaguar. It will end up with recommendations and outcomes .

2. Problem or subject description: Jaguar is part of the Ford Group. Ford has for a number of years been improving its production methods, particularly by introducing manufacturing methods developed in Japanese industry. 3.

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Analysis:There were some advantages such as : 1. One of the greatest measures of improved working systems at Jaguar has been to match the supply of new cars. 2. Production managers are able to calculate the volume of cars that need to come off the production line in any one week. And the disadvantage was : Producing too few ,will not be able to meet demand; produce too many and will have the waste of rising inventory. They have successfully applied the lean production by running the production line at the speed necessary to match demand patterns while retaining quality. .

Solutions: Hr connexion company has successfully used the E-recruitment applied. 5. Outcomes: 1- Clients will find it a useful tool when researching E-recruitment. 2- Reduce the time and cost. 3- Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment. 6.

Recommendations: 1- In my opinion the company should improve its data base. 2- It should also ensure that the visitor data will not steal. 3- Improve the site design to be easier. 7.

References (personneltoday , 2008)


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