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Last week’s foundation class. exposed me to a batch of issues sing my profession as an election officer. it gave me nutrient for idea.

As a bookman and pupil of public policy and disposal. what sort of duties will this class topographic point in my attention. based on the information I would hold gathered and assimilated.

that I would hold to go through on to those in my work topographic point who would be the first people to detect something different in me as I go through this class.My strong belief with respects. to issues of election policies. justification and immediate execution of administrative procedures. guaranting.

the moralss of free. carnival and believable elections are implemented and the bottle cervixs of administrative bureaucratism reduced. if non wholly removed. is the inquiry I ask myself “but you are one person” how make you efficaciously make a distinguishable difference in your environment.

I am trusting that by the terminal of this plan and with the aid of all I will come in contact with at Walden University. I would hold found answer to inquiries as they unfold.John Waliggo says by definition. moralss is a Grecian word “ethos” intending character while Morality derives from the Latin word Mos. plural Mores which mean imposts or people’s values and traditions. people’ heritage or ways of life and behavior in a given community. Moral values vary from community to community and from clip to clip. Among people who portion a common heritage or have similar civilizations or spiritual beliefs.

some of these values cut across subdivisions of the assorted communities. Amanda Baker in “Fundamental concepts” says that ethical motives form ethical rules. and they are defined by the person.She says that moralss are similar to jurisprudence but are non Torahs ; it has to make with doing your ain pick and making that which is right.

like an election officer. ethical motives have a major function to play in this work environment. Election officers are saddled with the pick of right and incorrect during elections. here their ethical motives come into drama as they are in the field and non monitored by any one. In a work environment based on her analysis. I would state that moralss. forms the land playing regulations for the staff. the ethical motives of the staff in this instance is based on personal strong belief.

be it right or incorrect.The term “Morality” can be used descriptively to mention to some codification of behavior put frontward by a society or normatively to mention to a codification that. given specific conditions would be put frontward by all rational individuals. This means that there is a universe of difference between moralss and morality. Moral formation in Africa is given to kids right From the stamp age in order to get the wonts. attitudes. beliefs. accomplishments and motivations that enable a human being tantrum into the community.

Each and every facet of life contributes to the moral formation of an person. An single lived in and was portion of the community and it was everyone’s responsibility to continue the community’s values. Morality was and still is portion and package of the community. The survey of moralss. in my sentiment. is a hunt by human existences on how the quality of our lives can be improved. The footing for moralss should be ethical motives and non the other manner unit of ammunition.

Aristotle aligns with Plato and Socrates in stating that virtuousnesss are the nucleus to a well-lived life.Aristotle says that ethical virtuousnesss like bravery. justness are complex in nature and he rejects Plato’s thought that preparation in metaphysics is the footing for understanding the goodness of adult male.

In his sentiment what adult male needs to be able to populate a fulfilled life is an grasp of the manner virtuousness award. pleasance and wealth tantrum together. He says that practical wisdom can non be acquired merely by larning general regulations that there is a demand for pattern and the demand for the usage of calculated societal accomplishments for our day-to-day usage.

Ethical motives are the regulations of behavior that we recognize with respects to certain types of actions. this is how things are done harmonizing to the regulations as laid down by the people. The moralss of the election environment calls for free. carnival and believable elections. The inquiry is. make the stakeholders have the right ethical motives to up keep the moralss of elections as agreed by all harmonizing to the Torahs of the land.

While ethical motives are wonts with regard to compensate or incorrect behavior. Ethical motives have to make with what the society say are the regulations of the game. while ethical motives is looked upon from a personal degree.Ethical motives have to make with the beliefs and wonts with regard to what is right or incorrect of a individual. but ethics carves its definition from what others say it is. The practicableness of unifying the theories we come across with mundane life is another challenge. as each of our environment is different.

the esthesia of the people. their beliefs and their aspirations differ. how do we efficaciously merge. what we read. which constantly is who we are. with what we meet in the field on a day-to-day footing. and uphold the jurisprudence is the Southern Cross of the affair.

It is possible to better the procedure of elections utilizing these theories which are operable. effectual and implementable with the right will power and values. Ethical motives and Ethical motives are two parallel lines that flow along the same way and finally make meet. REFERENCE Gert. Bernard.

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