Organizational and Household Decision Making Essay

1. How might current trends in the family life cycle and changes in the decision-making process influence the Turkish coffee market? Coffee was bought to Istanbul in 1555 by two Syrian traders from Yemen and start from that, Turkish coffee remained an important routine in Turkish households. Although a choice is limited to a few brands, Turkish coffee still becomes the main choice. However, the times has change while consumer in Turkish prefer to include flavored in the coffee and decaffeinated coffee such as latte, espresso and filtered.

The consumer also widened to buy coffee in myriad. Other than that, the increasing for convenience has also affected the market, while the downgrading coffee from luxury product to convenience product. Marketers apply the family life cycle to segment household. The family life cycle combines trends income and family composition with the changes the demand place on income . As we age, our preferences and needs tends to change. The changes include the age ,marital status and presences of kids at home.Depending on the decision in question, the choice may include some or all group members and different group members inside the family may play different roles. In simple, there are 5 roles in collective decision making.

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* Initiator The initiator role is played by the person who brings up the idea or identifies the need. * Gatekeeper The person who conducts the information search and controls the flow of information available to the group is the gatekeeper. * Influencer Those family members who provide information and advice and thus influence the purchase.The housewife tells her family about the new eatery that has opened in the neighborhood and her favorable description about it influences her husband and teenaged children. * Buyer Those family members who actually buy a particular product or service. A housewife may be the person who actually buys all the foodstuffs, rations and toiletries, which are consumed by all the family members.

* User Those who will actually use the product are the users. Besides, many other factors also affect a family spends, they included the number of people in the family, their ages, and whether one, two, or more adults work outside the home.Two especially important factors that determine how a couple spends time and money are whether they have children and whether the woman works.

The family life cycle concept enables marketers to segment households. The number of Istanbul household is changing in many ways. This including the increasing number of affluent young urban population of Istanbul has effect the changes in process of decision making in Turkish coffee market. Last but not least, there are many factors which affect the size of a family. The higher the education of the parents, the fewer children typically.Religious beliefs and the availability of birth control also affect family size. The type of Istanbul household changing including delays in getting married and having children and in the composition of family household, which are increasingly headed of young urban.

Worldwide, women tend to want smaller families than in past years. There is a growing trend toward voluntary childlessness. DINKs are dual-income, no kids couples.

They make a valuable market segment because they have a higher level of discretionary income than couples with kids.New perspective on the family life cycle, which young urban drives as main consumer in Turkish coffee market. 2. What others factors – political, economic, social, technological, and cultural – are influencing the household decision making process regarding the coffee as a whole? Researchers over the years have proposed several models to describe family life cycle stages, but with limited effect because most failed to take into account trends like the changing role of women, childless and delayed-child arriages, alternative family styles, and single-parent households. Four variables are used to describe the changes a family undergoes: age, marital status, whether children are in the home, and the ages of children in the home. We also have to consider any couple as a household whether or not they are a traditional husband and wife.

In general, four factors appear to determine the degree to which one or the other spouse or both jointly decide what to buy.Couples who believe in traditional sex-role stereotypes tend to make individual decisions for sex-typed products (those that are considered feminine or masculine). The spouse who contributes more resources to the family has the greater influence. Couples who have gained experience as a decision-making unit make individual decisions more frequently. Middle-class families make more joint decisions than do either higher- or lower-class families.

The increasing number of young urban had increasing the Turkish coffee market from 0. 1 kg in 2000 to 0. kg in 2010, while the young urban had become the biggest contributor of Turkish coffee. This situation had make coffee become the possibilities of growth in Turkish. However, in recent times, there has been a change in the coffee habits of Turkish people. They drink more and more instant coffee. For instance, if you order a coffee in a restaurant, you will get instant coffee like Nescafe. Actually, Nescafe has become the name of the instant coffee in general, so if you order Nescafe, you will get an instant coffee of any brand.

Nescafe had become the market leader. The repeating purchase of coffee, brand loyalty and recognition, as well the advertisement effect the coffee purchasing. For example the packaging color is the within supply chain to influence customer decision as a whole. In addition, coffee in household usually satisfies one family rather than one individual. The demand coffee household increase during day to day situation such as special occasions. 3. As a student how is your coffee purchasing experience differing from your parents and siblings?For the full time student, they are usually differ from their parents and siblings because they have no full time job and don’t have fixed income, so their preference and needs for product tend to change, usually they will purchase instant coffee. As the full time student, they only need interpersonal needs rather than the parents who need to think and care family needs.

On the other hand, parents are usually just bought the instant coffee from their favor brand and their straight rebuy is a habitual decision. 4. As a consumer when does coffee mean more than coffee and how are these situations influencing your purchase decision making??Nowadays, there are more and more coffeehouse chain open in Hong Kong such as Starbucks and Pacific Coffee. Besides coffee, they also sells other warm beverages such as tea and hot chocolate.

They also sell cookies and muffins and also provide Free Wi-Fi Internet access varies in different regions. Also, they built up the brand and making people feel drinking Starbucks and Pacific Coffee is a kind of quality of life. This make consumer enjoy the additional tangible or intangible benefits from drinking their coffee and increase their value towards it.


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