Organizational Behavior and Leadership Essay

Effective Communication: Partnership in Italy.The given instance is about effectual communicating. In the instance. Melissa Chang who is managing all kinds of sourcing activities at the company. she is asked to go to Venice. Italy to run into her company’s partnering company.

She is asked to go for work outing the issues that has made a bad feeling of her company towards the partnering company. As before besides Melissa’s co-workers cancelled their trip to Moscow at the last minute which hampered their relationship with other spouses and their company’s public presentation looked bad. So it is a really of import meeting for Melissa as their partnering company in Italy had several times requested for the information to be provided to them but it was non done. So Melissa had to go to Italy to understand what are the causes that is impacting the company’s dealingss with their partnering company.Review/Analysis of the CaseAnalysis of FindingssThe instance is related to Melissa Chang who is going to Italy to run into the partnering company to work out the misinterpretation between her company and partnering company. The treatments and inquiries are being done while run intoing with the partnering company in Italy.

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But with the effectual communicating. Melissa is able to reply all inquiries consciously listening to the issues/ questions from the partnering company. Hence Melissa is successful in doing the meeting really productive and be aftering for future programs with the partnering company. Melissa’s communicating accomplishments and converting them with supplying the existent information accurately made the partnering company reconsideration and reassure to go on work for farther more.

For illustration. Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the major taking company in Nepal which produces several merchandises. Surya Nepal’s partnering company is ITC India which is among the top companies in India.

ITC has been working with Surya Nepal for more than 2 decennaries and their relation had been really good. Last twelvemonth. Surya Nepal took the contract of bring forthing 20000 personal computers of Tshirts within 60 yearss. Surya Nepal completed the production in about 70 yearss. So they were 10 yearss tardily. Surya Nepal did non supply full information to ITC why the production was late. And when ITC called up for a meeting.

Surya Nepal provided ITC with full information about the issues that arise while executing the undertakings. Surya Nepal answered to all the inquiries asked by ITC. After that merely ITC was convinced with Surya Nepal.Question 1: Melissa’s communicating mannerMelissa travelled to Italy to run into her company’s partnering company to settle down several issues that has arise and caused a bad feeling of her company. Melissa needed to make her occupation with full duty and acquire more work out of Italian spouses. If things did non acquire cleared up rapidly. they could lose the partnership. Melissa instead work outing the issues through phone calls.

mailings and directing other forces to run into Italian spouses. she herself went to go to the meeting. Since Melissa’s co-workers in the yesteryear had cancelled their meeting to Moscow at the last minute which hampered their company. So she was looking frontward for the meeting. When she reached to Italy. she was nervous that the linguistic communication barrier would do the jobs more complicated. But her pick of communicating to interact with Italian spouses proved to be the right pick to work out the issues. She used the direct communicating i.

e. face to confront interaction which made her recognize Italian partner’s defeat.This communicating was an effectual move to assist Melissa interact good with the Italian spouses and cognize more about them and their merchandises every bit good as the jobs. In the first twenty-four hours of the meeting. she found the internal issues such as non supplying of information from US spouses. And Melissa answered all their inquiries and explained the concern procedure in US. She listened to the issues of the Italian spouses and understand the feelings of their accurately.

And at the 2nd twenty-four hours. her communicating accomplishment was so effectual that the behaviour of Italian spouses changed and they were much warmer and willing to sit down and discourse inside informations of work. So her response to the feelings of the Italian spouses helped her analyse the state of affairs decently. Melissa’s besides noted down Italian partner’s cues or issues and replying right to the partner’s expeditiously.

Chiefly the active hearing of Melissa helped her reply thoroughly. Melissa established resonance towards the spouses which efficaciously communicate to assist them experience comfy. So Melissa’s communicating manner impacted the public presentation of the Italian spouses which we can see in the instance that Italian spouses projected program for the following financial twelvemonth and besides a formal dinner in her award was arranged. Italian spouses besides praise Melissa for her speedy actions and decision.

Question 2: Primary beginning of information to Melissa’s visitThe primary beginnings of information prior to Melissa’s visit to Italy was the constitution of effectual communicating in between the Italian spouses and her company in order to work out the issues. Italian spouses requested several times for information to Melissa’s co-workers but it was non fulfilled. So to undertake the communicating barriers in between the two partnering companies is the primary beginning to Melissa’s visit to Italy. The act of taking the distance relationships of two companies is the chief visit of Melissa. To happen out what were the major concerns of Italian spouses towards the US based company and knowing of their positions. thoughts of go oning the concern or non was a existent challenge which forced Melissa to see Italy and run into Italian spouses.Question 3: Primary beginning of information after Melissa’s visitMelissa attended the of import meeting with Italian spouses to analyse the state of affairs really tactfully and skilfully by using appropriate communicating with them.

After her visit to Italy. at the US. she will be keeping a meeting for all the office staffs and forces where she will be discoursing about the causes. effects and productive positions in between the two companies. First of all she will be discoursing why all office staffs and forces did non supply Italian spouses with anterior information sing the merchandise and its development as Italian spouses were acute on cognizing the development of the merchandises. Second. the position of company adding that linguistic communication barrier impacting their dealingss is incredible since Melissa went to Italy.

interacted good with the spouses and shared each other ideas which brought two of them into a productive planning for farther financial twelvemonth. Most significantly. Melissa will be stating that she was successful in constructing effectual communicating by supplying exact information and listening to their positions and replying them with really accurately are the primary beginnings of information that will be after Melissa’s visit.

Question 4: Melissa’s alteration in attitude in covering with Italian spousesBefore Melissa’s visit to Italy. she was nervous that she would non be able to confront the Italian spouses. Since the meeting was traveling to be at Venice. Italy.

without major concern criterions of her company she was afraid of go toing meeting. Besides the idea of linguistic communication barrier was taken as a major issue for non go toing the meeting. But this all was merely positions. sentiments of others. When Melissa visited Italian spouses so she immediately noticed their feelings while trying to face to confront interaction. She came to cognize what difficulties Italian spouses were holding by non having the existent information. She changed her position of Italian spouses as how Italian spouses would be responding.

She answered all the questions asked by Italian spouses with existent elaborate information.This changed the behaviour of Italian spouses thought of US based company. Italian spouses were really much impressed by Melissa’s manner of pass oning. This helped both to sit down and settle down the jobs with edifice of effectual communicating. The meeting got really productive as farther financial planning was planned. When this was done. Italian spouses arranged a dinner in Melissa’s award to praise her for the speedy actions and decision she demonstrated during the meeting. besides her listening accomplishments to associate their concern demands was first-class.

So this made Melissa to believe that she did right thing of be aftering to see Italian spouses by her ain and come with some productive intelligence. So this changed Melissa’s alteration in attitude about covering with the Italian spouses.Summary and ConclusionAfter analysing the instance.

it seems that Melissa Chang was successful in using the right communicating manner. The pick of transactional theoretical account of communicating by Melissa. that includes the direct interaction with the Italian spouses helped her understand the existent job issues and convey out the best possible ways to work out that issues. Face to confront communicating helped Melissa to understand the feelings of the Italian spouses. The procedure of observing down their cues by Melissa and reacting to their cues helped to alter the behaviour of the Italian spouses.So Melissa was successful in doing the meeting productive. work outing the issues and doing relationship greater.

Melissa was praised by the Italian spouses and arranged a formal dinner in her award. So this proves that her public presentation and effectual communicating impacted the Italian spouses so much that a jutting planning for the following financial twelvemonth was besides planned at the same meeting.MentionAdhikari. Dev Raj ( 2009 ) Organizational BehaviorHersey and Blanchard ( 2008 ) Management of Organizational Behavior


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