Organizational Issues Sample Essay

In our society today we interact with a assortment of civilizations each holding their ain ethical rules. These ethical rules help us as persons to turn to organisational issues in a assortment of ways. In this paper we will be discoursing how ethical rules can be used to turn to organisational issues. I have viewed a short movie in respects to this affair and will be concentrating on why the issues in the movie are of import every bit good as the function that external societal force per unit area have in act uponing organisational moralss. We will besides speak about why these issues might be relevant to organisational and personal determinations. There will besides be a focal point on the relationship between legal and ethical issues shown in the movie.

The issues in the movie Responsibility and Sports: Ailson. are of import because the jock Ailson has no sense of clip direction. He was non responsible plenty to lose weight on clip. and did non utilize the cognition or aid of others. Ailson did non pull off his clip right. If he would hold managed his clip better he would hold made weight when he was scheduled to alternatively of holding to seek and cut weight last minute. Ailson’s weight loss was besides an issue because it prevented him from traveling to the Olympics. Another issue with him non doing weight is a possibility of losing his indorsement trades. Another of import issue in the movie is Ailson non utilizing the cognition and aid of others to carry through his ends and dreams. Ailson. had a dietician that could hold easy helped him do weight. Alternatively of acquiring meal programs from the dietician he did his ain thing. which was non really responsible on his portion since he did non do weight. Ailson besides had a manager which advised him about his concerns with him doing weight cut at the last minute.

Their were many external societal force per unit areas that surrounded Alison in his way to measure up for the Brazil Olympics’ squad. The biggest external societal force per unit area came from the state of Brazil and his rowing squad. There were high outlooks for Ailson to measure up and cut weight to do the squad as they were ever seting force per unit area on him. Ailson was extremely regarded as the top oarsman in Brazil by both the state and his squad. So when he failed to do his weight it was a great letdown to all who had high hopes for him. The 2nd external societal force per unit areas came from Ailson’s two patrons who had high hopes of Ailson winning a decoration and stand foring them in the Olympics. Ailson needed to make good to keep the degree of sponsorship that he had.

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His patrons are the 1s who put money in his pockets. This puts a changeless strain on Ailson to execute at his highest degree to keep his contracts. Since Ailson was unable to measure up due to burden the patrons can renegociate his contracts offering him less money and promotional chances. The patron can besides finally opt out of the contracts if desired. The 3rd external societal force per unit area comes from his household. Ailsons’ desire to give his household everything that he ne’er had as a kid puts force per unit area on him to be successful in his ends and dreams. Since Ailson was unsuccessful in doing the squad he must reprioritize his ends and happen new ways of giving himself to get the hanging his trade. The power of external societal force per unit area can set a great trade of emphasis on an single finally changing their perceptual experience and moralss in some state of affairss.

The issues that Ailson faces in this movie are really hard for him. It is his ain personal determinations that affect his dreams the most. It was his ain personal pick non to pull off his clip better to assist him with his weight loss. He besides chose non to hear the advice of his equals which would hold helped him make his ends. These issues are highly relevant as it pertains to Ailson because he now has to set his dreams on clasp and delay for his following opportunity. “One of Ailsons’ equals said they could non understand why Ailson did non seek harder to do weight and measure up for the squad. Ailsons’ equals besides compare it to holding a lottery ticket and rending it up and throwing it away” ( http: //responsibility-project. libertymutual. com/films/responsibility-sports-ailson # fbid=cJ1W1sRtG2G ) . Many of the issues that Ailson is confronting can be due to his ethical logical thinking. Ailson was raised in a really hapless portion of Brazil and his male parent left him and his female parent at a immature age. Ailson carried a batch of weight on his shoulders holding to assist his household in any manner possible as a immature kid. This besides taught him to be really independent making things the manner he preferred

Ailson’s dreams and ends have come to a base still for now. He has learned from his many errors and now continues to break himself in hopes to do it to the Olympics in 2016. In this paper we covered the of import issues in the movie every bit good as the function that external force per unit areas have in act uponing organisational moralss. We besides talked about the relevancy of the issues in Ailsons personal determination and the relationship between the ethical issues shown in the movie.


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