Organizational Structure of a Hospital You Know Essay

Introduction: For this assignment I’m choosing. Fortis Hospital at Noida. India and Krishna Nursing place at Chitradurga.

Karnataka India. Fortis infirmary at Noida. India is a portion of Fortis health care group and chiefly focuses on orthopedicss and neurosciences. It’s a medium sized infirmary with 300 stratified installations and about 250 full clip staff. Its organizational construction has low perpendicular and high horizontal distribution.

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THE HORIZONTAL DISTRIBUTION is as follows. 1 ) 37 medical sections which covers different fortes. 2 ) Other sections such as HR. selling. finance. technology and nursing.

3 ) Social specialization. illustration physicians. 4 ) Functional specialization. illustration technicians and nurses. VERTICAL STRUCTURE is as follows. 1 ) Zonal manager at the top.

2 ) 43 departmental caputs who work under Zonal manager. 3 ) There is squad under each section which study to departmental caputs. Organizational construction of fortis hospital ZONAL DIRECTOR United HR medical manager Head eng selling & A ; gross revenues Finance caput Nursing matron Team Hr Doctors Eng squad Marketing squad Finance squad Nursing squadCentralization: Head of section control all sections and they report to the Zonal manager. Each person in the administration has limited liberty and financially it is extremely centralised and functionally it is reasonably decentralized and it has high degree of standardization of administrative undertaking and the enlisting procedure is really much formalised. whereas physicians have low degree of formalization and everyone follow criterion operating process. Hence in drumhead. Fortis infirmary is multi-speciality infirmary of medium size and its construction has high horizontal complexness but low perpendicular complexness and it is reasonably formalistic and there is non much direct impact on centralization and has reasonably flexible construction and determination devising is extremely formalised and reasonably decentralised at operational degree.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. hindubusinessline. com ; World Wide Web. fortishealthcare.

com ; World Wide Web. Hoovers. com )In contrast to the above mentioned complex construction second mentioned infirmary is Krishna Nursing Home which is a little 50 bedded multispecialtyinfirmary with a simple construction with the manager at the top who is in charge of everything and there are caputs of enlisting. finance and medical manager who report to the manager.

It is chiefly a perpendicular construction with manager who has full determination doing power. hence the construction has minimal decentralization. The other staff has no liberty. This infirmary works fundamentally on trueness and trust and personal relationship and caters to a little population in the small town Chitradurga. India.

This construction is compatible with little infirmaries like this. But disadvantage is that it is extremely dependent on the manager and is single centric ( World Wide Web. healthcaremagic. com )
If we compare the 2 construction in relation to. 1 ) Central Peripheral dealingss: Fortis is much bigger infirmary and has separate division for each section and there is decentralization and semi-autonomy for each section and the buyer and supplier divisions are separate. Whereas Krishna Nursing Home has no decentralization and no liberty for the sections and all determinations are taken by the manager. 2 ) Linkss with other organizational groups: Fortis has links and affiliations with many other smaller infirmaries which refer instances to them and besides has link ups with assorted insurance companies.Whereas Krishna Nursing Home has no tie-ups with any other infirmaries and works entirely and caters to a little population.

3 ) Internal construction: Hierarchy. as mentioned above Fortis infirmary has minimum perpendicular but complex horizontal distribution of power so it has a level organizational form which helps in effectual communicating and determination devising and has widened collaborative links between assorted sections and divisions ensuing in internal linking and mean spans of control whereas Krishna Nursing Home has perpendicular construction and is to the full hierarchal based and there is no internal linking between sections ( Merson et. . Al. 2006 ) .

Decision: Both these infirmaries has wholly different organizational construction but both are successful because the targeted population for both are different. While. Fortis targets higher and wider scope of population and focal points on specialized services. hence has complex organizational construction. Whereas Krishna Nursing Home caters to a little population and provides basic services and hence has a simple perpendicular hierarchal construction.Mentions:‘Fortis Healthcare marks treaty with US hospital’ online. Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

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