Orginaizational Plan Essay

Caterpillar Organizational Plan Daniel Jones Grand Canyon University MGT 660 Zhen-Hu Jin April 14, 2013 Caterpillar Organizational Plan Caterpillar has an excellent leadership team that will be briefly described in this organizational chart. Starting with the CEO-CHAIRMAN Doug Oberhelman resides in Peoria Illinois where their corporate headquarters is located.

Mr. Oberhelman has a bachelor’s degree in finance and has been with the company since 1975 in a variety of positions; he was named CEO in October 2009.Bradley M Halverson is the CFO and group president, his responsibilities include the financial services division, global information services division.

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Stuart L Levenick is the group president; he is in charge of the dealer and customer support that includes many nations including Asia, Americas, Africa, Middle –East, Asia. He is also in charge of parts and distribution to the most of North America, Canada, Russia, Asia, and Japan. Ed Rapp is the group president and executive office member of Caterpillar Inc. e is stationed in Singapore. Rapp has administrative responsibility for most of the construction industries that include earthmoving, excavation. Mr. Rapp also oversees the operations in China, Europe, and the global infrastructure for new construction. D.

James (Jim) Umpleby is a group president of Caterpillar Inc. in Peoria, Ill. He has administrative responsibility for Caterpillar’s energy and power systems group. Steven H.

Wunning is a group president of Caterpillar Inc. in Peoria, Ill.Wunning has administrative responsibility for the resource industries group, which oversees the advanced components ;amp; systems Division along with many other subsidiary divisions within advanced components.

He also oversees the groundbreaking division by leading manufacturing excellence through the Caterpillar Production System and the integration of the newly acquired Bucyrus International Inc. Looking at Caterpillar through the eyes of McKinseys 7 S model one can develop an nteresting perspective on Caterpillar and their structural integrity from a leadership perspective. Within McKinsey’s model there are seven elements three of them are known as hard elements, four are known as soft elements.

Looking at the first hard element “Strategy” Caterpillar has an excellent view and long term business model. Caterpillar’s strategy is simple “provide work environments, products, services, and solutions that make efficient use of the world’s natural resources” (“Vision, Mission, Strategy,” 2013, expression 1).The second hard element is structure, Caterpillar is known for doing the right thing for their customers and has distribution centers across the globe to better serve their customers. They ask for input to produce better products for their consumer and use local representatives to correspond with end users. Systems is the final hard element, Caterpillar has clear defined systems from leadership to low level employees.The soft elements are lumped into one category for Caterpillar as the elements represent shared values, skills style and staff.

Caterpillar has worked hard in these areas by utilizing leadership qualities to hire and retain the best in the business. This falls in line with the shared values, the skills to train and retain, style simply the best, and staff that shows dedication and values beyond the corporate model. In describing the business level strategy with the corporate level strategy is rather easy, they are simply the same.Caterpillar has built their company by instilling grass root honor with determination and know how. The result is a global leader in machinery, engines, and mining, with an emphasis on customer service and excellent customer care (“Living by the Code,” 2013). References Living by the Code. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.

caterpillar. com/company/strategy/code-of-conduct/living-by-the-code Vision, Mission, Strategy. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.

caterpillar. com/sustainability/vision-mission-strategy


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