Original Writing – ‘I Found These Kittens’ Essay

Another windy day in Colchester, a little boy with a lost dream walking on the streets, picking up any forgotten food. Any leftovers. Anything edible for a poor seven year old boy.

Wandering, Waiting to be struck lucky, waiting to have a full day’s dinner, filling his stomach and ending it with a fulfilling belch. Just waiting, waiting, waiting for something that is impossible in Benjimans mind.Benjiman never knew his parents, he lived with his grandmother who was scavenging for a place to work, but wouldn’t get any work because of her age and appearance.Benjiman went down into an alleyway where he heard a distinguished sound at the end of a wet and dark alleyway, almost like screams, or, rather, squeaks, really quiet ones. He followed the sound. Followed, followed, followed, until he came to the end. The imitations of his footsteps stopped and all you could hear was water droplets, one after another form an old rusted, leaky pipe, where the little screams were at their loudest.He pulled the crate from a wardrobe beside the large bins, where he found four kittens.

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He looked at them with a big sigh.”If only I could.” He said looking at them. He started at the four kittens for a while, then pulled the rather large blue plastic crate being very cautious if they leap out of the crate, holding them very steadily and balanced he took them home.Home for Benjiman was a small house with a broken roof, a smashed window, a big blue door with a broken doorbell.

The house was bleak, in both cases, in one way; it was bad and seemed very unlikely to improve. In the other way, it was cold, bare and exposed to wind. Holding the heavy crate on his hip, he pulled a brown rusted key and shoved it in the keyhole, even though he knew that the door would open with a good kick.”Gran, I’m home!” He shouted across the hallway as he stepped in. “And I’ve found something, come here, look.

“But there was no answer, so he figured that she was out, still looking for a job since the morning. He stepped over the wooden bump in the living room being careful he didn’t trip. He put the crate carefully on the multicolored, patchworked sofa. When a thick yellowish paper fell out from the bottom of the crate. He was so anxious to see what was written beneath. Could it be an entitlement to have a luxurious dinner for two? Could it be a free shopping spree in a major food store? As he opened it wondering, wondering, wondering.

Licking his lips as the sticky residue unstickened. He read out,”Please take care of these kittens, they have no home anymore.Thank You.

“He looked at them bluntly, then said with a grin,”Alright then, lets give you some food, oh sorry, we only have milk at the moment for you.”He got a cup of milk and poured it into the bowl.”Well, that’s the end of the milk. None left.

..”he said bleakly.He heard the front door slam, and peered at the entrance of the sitting room curiously. His grandmother doesn’t slam the door, she was always afraid if the door would break, if the hinges would detach, (the lock was damaged and didn’t want to make it any worse) after all they couldn’t afford a new one.Benjiman’s grandmother ran into the living room and shouting out “I’ve spent the last of our money!””What’d you do that for?!.

.. Gran, I know you get hungry sometimes but we really need it now, I found these kittens,””Well great! That gives us more reasons to spend this money!” his gran shouted very cheerfully and started dancing around the room singing, “I’ve won �1m, I’ve won �1m and I’ve got a job at the betting job! Weh – hey!””Benjiman, Benji-Wenji, have I ever told you that your so cute?””Yes gran, you have.” He replied with a frown.”Ok, fetch your coat honey, we are about to experience standing at a checkout point,” His grandmother said excitedly.”Awweee look at them,” she said pointing at the kittens that were at this point licking their paws, and playing with a thick thread hanging down from the sofa.

“You’re so cute, yes you are. Oh yes you are.” She bent down looking at the kittens.

But there was no response in the furry animal’s actions.Benjiman came back with his coat and they both walked out of the sitting room, over the bump, walked across the narrow hallway, discussing all the things they could spend their money on. He opened the door and they stepped out.


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