Original writing – That Arsenal Contract Essay

Often I lay in bed wondering what my life would have could have been if it wasn’t for that one night of passion and giving in to that desired passions, that temptress.But the fact that it started was the first week of term, the first day back was what really started it all off. I’d done quite a few things in the holiday such as going to the gym and helping someone run a soccer camp for 6 to 14 year olds that I once went to. To help them gain experience that I had got from playing football for 9 years. I did this because it would look good on my C.V for if Arsenal didn’t sign me for their professional team once I’ve left school and sign me as a full time job. But there was this girl called Rachel.

I have liked her for years and years, but she was going out with this boy but I had heard rumours that she liked me as well for a long time. She was 5ft 6, had brown hair with blonde streaks and the most perfect body any man could dream of. But I wasn’t quite good with the ladies and that I had not been out with many nice people.

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Rachel’s reputation was the same as mine apart from this boyfriend he was suppose to be quite hard.So I walked over to her on the first day back and just made conversation with her, but then 10 minutes into our conversation she started to cry, so I asked her what was wrong with her? She said to me ” he’s beating me up” she showed me the bruises on her arm from him pulling her round like a rag doll that a 5 year old child would own.So I sat her down and got her a nice glass of cool water and said to her that we could talk more to me if she came round to my house tonight and I’ll make her tea and stuff like that. So she agreed, there I was stood there in a moment of shock; anyhow the rest of the school day went quickly, then the half past 3 bell went and I got scared but then just thought of me and her alone together and a smile came upon my face, so I got my bike and peddled as home as fast as I could.I got home nice and early and got everything ready quite quickly as well such as my shower and getting ready, then I got on the phone to the Chinese and ordered some food for my mum, dad, me and Rachel but I would have to put mine and Rachel’s in the oven to keep it warm. Then the big moment she arrived and so I got the food out of the oven and put it onto a tray for the both of us, while she was eating I paused for a while and looked at her, I worship her like a person worships a god.

Then we started talking about him and all the good stuff that they had done in their time together. But then she started crying again, but then with that she flung herself on me and started kissing then she asked me if that was ok and stood there looking stupid and replied “yeah that’s great” she just carried on doing things to me and then she started going down my trousers and then said this is what I want, is it what you want. This would be both of our first times.Once we finished doing it she turned to me and said “I love you and im going to finish with him” she obliviously knew that I liked her too. But I had to ask her out otherwise we wouldn’t of been going out with each other.

The next couple of weeks went great Arsenal had signed me straight after we left school and they had the plans to play me in the first 11 straight away, so the Saturday comes and im travelling to work on my moped when suddenly I got a text from Rachel saying that she needs to speak to me urgently, but I had about 30 minutes to spare so I turned round and went to her house, got there in 5 minutes and she told me to come in and we went upstairs, my heart beating faster and faster, I sat down and asked her what was wrong? She paused for a while and then said to me I’m pregnant.My whole body just stopped there for a moment and then catching my breath said BBBBut…….

I know she replied the condom must have split.So I had get out of there and get to the game she understood, but I had forgot my boots and so I had to go back for them. When I got there my mum said that its too late they’re sacking me and they don’t want me to even play for the reserves or anything like that, I stood there for a moment and then I had collapsed because of the shock.For weeks I tried to avoid Rachel but then one week ago she turned up on my doorstep and she told me that her mum has thrown her out on the street, so there was nothing else I could do but tell my mum and she stood there startled and said that Rachel can stay here.

My life is going ok, the girl of my dreams, a baby but the only thing I really wanted was that Arsenal Contract.


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