Original writing – The Conflict Essay

He could hardly see anything. It was dark, wet and the road was slippery, it was just after nine o’clock. There was no sight of anybody on the windy, everlasting roads, except for him.

Then all of a sudden two headlights appeared from the far away distance. The brightness blinded his eyes, but he didn’t care so he carried on and predictably tried to clip the victim’s car causing the victim a surprising shock, but the burning rubber tires slipped on the wet road, causing him to slide off, knocking the other car as he slid.The other car rolled 3 or 4 into the muddy banking on the side of the road. Sven quickly struggled out of his car, and scrambled towards the other car only to find that it was a pile or wreckage. He forced open the crushed door and saw a dead body with blood everywhere.

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So Sven knelt down on his knees and the man had a nametag, his name was Ryan. Sven knew he had committed manslaughter. So he picked up the bloody body very slowly and walked down the road with it in his hands. He saw a nearby river flowing pretty fast, so he walked up to it, looked over the edge and threw the body into it.

Sven was a nasty man who treated his family like dirt and didn’t care for them or anybody, only himself. He had a very bad criminal record with the police yet to find him, as he had changed his name several times already. As Sven threw the body into the river, a nearby farmer was in his field about 100 yards away from this, his name was Tommy Bay. Tommy was a bright, calm, happy farmer that did care for his friends and family, he had never done anything wrong since he could remember. He saw Sven throw the body into the river; he was feeling scared, but stayed calm as he always did.He dived into a hedge to see Sven’s further actions. All Sven did was get back in his car, after slipping down the banking twice, then just drove off. Tommy tried to memorize the registration number in his head.

Tommy walked over to the banking where the wreckage of the car was, he noticed something shimmer from the streetlight on the floor, he peered down to see what it was, and with his cold, wet hands picked up which looked like a laminated piece of card, with details of Sven on. It said something about him working for a plumbing firm, and had his phone number and other important details on.So he carefully placed it into his pocket and walked over his grubby farm field back to his house. He slowly pushed open the door and put the card next to the telephone in the hallway. Then went up the creaky flight of stairs and got into bed. The next morning Tommy woke up at the unusual time of 5:38, however he had recently been getting up around this time anyway.

He went straight to the phone to call the police and tell then what had happened. He was told to explain it in full down at the station, so he drove to the police station and reported everything he knew or thought had happened.The talk went on for about 30 minutes, finally they finished talking and the police had enough information to realize who he was. Tommy showed them the card and the police connected it to an address.

So the police drove to Sven’s estate and started looking around for a while, knocking on peoples doors picking up the odd detail about him and his personality from his neighbours. They found that it wasn’t good at all, so they went straight to his house and kicked the large dirty door straight to the floor with an almighty bang.Everything seemed quiet, they walked around the house slowly searching for Sven, the house was dirty and cold and more or less everything looked stolen, broken or just damaged. Nobody was around, as they walked past the stairs a feint smell of smoke drifted up the noses. They heard a noise upstairs; they ran up the stairs, guns in hand and looked around for anything unusual, a man walked out of the bedroom, it was Sven. He said “Are you here for my wife, she’s just in the bathroom”. He walked into the bathroom and jumped out of the window, scrambled down the garden and leaped the rusty, brown gate at the end of the garden.

After a long chase through alleys, and roads, Sven got extremely tired, and lost his breath, so he had to stop. That’s where the police caught him; they handcuffed him and took him down to the station. Where he tried to escape many times out of the police car, trying to wind down the window and he even tried bashing himself against the door. Everything failed, and it just got him into more trouble. After a long talk Sven actually admitted to killing Ryan, but he said he did it by accident. But the police knew he had done it on purpose because of all the other crimes he had committed and not been caught.Sven told them where had thrown the body. The police and Sven made a long journey up to the scene of the crime and found that the body had drifted half a mile down stream and ended up in a lake.

Sven was arrested by the police and got a sentence of 3 years, mainly because of all the other crimes he had committed. As the month’s passes Sven’s personality didn’t change at all, he was still an evil man and didn’t even keep in contact with his wife and kids. He was getting very tired, mad, depressed and wanted to commit suicide.He was sick of being kept in this room like an animal in a cage.

He thought to himself that he would try to escape, but couldn’t think how, he thought and thought until he heard a very shallow voice behind him near the ceiling. It was coming from the ventilation system, probably from the outside, where people had just been walking by talking to each other. That’s when the idea hit him on the head like as if an apple fell from a tree, knocking him on the head before hitting the floor. He would escape through the ventilation system, passing through the walls to the outside.He planned for 2 days of how to do it, noting the guard’s movements and where they walked and when.

It came to the third day (the day he would try to escape) and everything was going to plan, so he waited for the right moment, unscrewed the ventilation system with a hexagonal pen he stole from the guard, and started crawling through the shaft. He was scraping and scratching his knees but he had to keep moving. He saw a stream of light peering from the corner, he scurried along faster than planned, turned the corner and to his amazement, it was the outside.He slowly crawled to the end of the shaft, as he reached the last piece of mesh from the system, he stared through looking to see if he it was all clear. But a guard strolled by whistling to him self, Sven budged back an extra foot.

The guard moved on, it must had been 2 feet away from his nose. He gazed through the mesh once more, and everything was clear so he kicked the shutter down ran towards the 6 foot wall and jumped it, pulling himself up, Ran along the fields and into the woods. He had escaped!


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